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Of *course* canon have now announced the i9900. They got the registration for my i9100 (sold mu trusty S800 to a friend) and so they were *bound* to either halve the price of the 9100 or bring out something new.

Unless I can sell the i9100 to a mate too, I may have to wait for the 9900.

I note the newer printers also tend to have CD_printing capability - anyone know if the 9900 does?

Meantime, I'm not getting much joy with "borderless". Perhaps I should use Canon's s/w, but when I print from Jasc Paintshop Pro the "page setup" maxed out, then tell the driver to grow it to "borderless" even if the picture is "A" ratio, I get wite stripes at two sides, left-and-right or top-and-right.

Why can't the printer driver just report to the software that the max printable size is A4/A3?
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Old Feb 15, 2004, 4:33 PM   #12
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The i960 has a higher quality than the i9100. Look at Steveís comparison: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_...tml#conclusion

Iím guessing that the i9900 will have the same heads and quality as the i960 with the added color depth of the 8 cartridges. A big downer is that you still canít print wider than 24 inches with it. Someone at dpreview said a Canon honcho at a trade show says it is only 10 minutes of programming to upgrade the firmware but Canon printer arenít going to have panorama capability until Canon starts producing panorama paper. That might be never as their paper selection isnít the best as it is.

Iím stuck with my S9000 for a while I guess Ė I was hoping I could upgrade. They have a glitch in the Win98 drivers for the S9000 that lets you print banners to photo paper at photo quality. So you can get any sized panorama you want. Having to use dual boot just for the stupid printer is a hassle, but at least I can print panoramas.
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Old Jun 21, 2004, 11:28 PM   #13
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I have spent the last 2 days getting as much info as possible on printers since I need one. Given everything I have seen, I am going for the i9900. I have found very little negative about this printer. I originally condidered the Epson 2200 (The photographers printer) but the downside appears to be the print speed. Very slow. The i9900 has 6000+ print nozzles which as I understand it gives this printer it's speed. Only question I have is about longevity of print. I think however that this is an overstated issue since I understand that Kodak did a survey and the conclusion is that the average time a picture is kept before throwing it in a shoebox is 10 years. So why do I need an Epson 2200 at $200 more than the Canon i9900 for the extra 70 years while my picture sits in a box.
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Old Jun 24, 2004, 4:23 PM   #14
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:homey: Hi

I`ve had the Canon i9950 here in the UK since mid April and it is stunning. I`ve shown A3 and A3+ prints from my Sony F717 (5MP) to critics in my Digital Imaging club and they all agree that nothing compares, even the Epson2100.

The Canon is very frugal on ink compared with other printers and I can get original Canon Ink Tanks for less than £6 in the UK. I should imagine that good deals are available in the US if you shop around. The extra feature that the i9950 has over the i9900 is direct CD printing capability. This is superb and produces excellent results.

I have heard people asking if it can be retrofitted to the i9900. The answer is No. The machine is a different animal mechanically.

A pity the 9950 is not available in the USA

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Old Jun 29, 2004, 8:37 AM   #15
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I Came here searching for the best photo printer for the money. I am new to photography and have an A80. So I am leaning toward a canon printer. It appears you are all happy with your choice so now I need to narrow it down to model number. I see no need for prints larger than 8x10 so any and all recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
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Old Jun 29, 2004, 11:27 PM   #16
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Right now, for letter sized prints. the i960 is it. Over in the UK, Canon has a i990 (narrow i9900) but it is unclear when that printer will be released here.

Now here is a thought: the i960 is running between $150 and $200. For another $100 or less, you can get the i9100 and have essentially the same print quality (same number of inks and exact same ink tanks but 4 picoliters instead of 2 picoliter on the i960) but you would now have the option to print larger 11x17 should the mood strike you.

Amazon.com is selling the i960 for about $160 and the i9100 for about $260

When I bought my S800, I did regret not having bought a wider carriage even though I loved my S800. I now have th i9100 and I can recall about 10 times in the last year that I have printed larger than 8.5x11, but I am glad that I have the option. It has come in handy.

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Graham wrote:
:homey: Hi

The extra feature that the i9950 has over the i9900 is direct CD printing capability. This is superb and produces excellent results.
Hello I have just bought this amazing good printer. It has great capability's on canon paper pro. But you weresaying that it also has great performance on direct CD. I have tryedthat and positioning and printing goes well but It dryish very hard and the picture is bad on the cd direct printed. Iuse CD's that are smooth and shiny. Are there special cd's necessary with kind of coating over them (white layer or something).
Best regards Bob Jung fromHolland.

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