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Default Inkjet image stablization

I have read in these messages about image longevity. Does it really matter what type of inkjet printer I use to get a longer lasting image?
I read on a Kodak site about professional printers that do not need to have any post processing image stablization performed so I wrote Kodak and asked what kind of stablization they were talking about. The result was that they directed me to another site for a company that produced a spray-on lacquer. At present, I am using a Lexmark Z52 and it costs a small fortune in ink cartridges so I would like my images to last as long as possible. Or would it be better to go with a Inkjet printer that is more specifically designed to print photos?
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You have asked several different questions and I cannot answer all of them.

Print longevity is affected by what ink you print with, what paper you use and how the prints are stored.

Most photo inkjet printers use dye based inks which fade over time. A small number of printers, particularly the Epson C80 (which is not a specialist photo printer) and the Epson 2100/2200 (which is a specialist photo printer) use pigment based inks which should have a longer life.

There is a lot of discussion going on at the moment on inkjet paper and fading, and there is no easy answer as to which is best, although there are some specialist archival papers. I believe that matte papers do better than glossy papers.

Fading is greatly reduced if prints are framed behind glass or kept in an album. They fade quite rapidly if exposed to UV light, e.g. by being put in the sun. However, exposure to the air seems to be as important as or more important than exposure to light. Different people have different experiences with fading of exposed prints - some have no problems at all and others have very rapid fading. There is a suspicion that humidity and exposure to certain gases, particularly ozone, may cause rapid fading.

I cannot comment on Kodak professional printers or UV sprays. Dye sublimation printers have better print longevity because they coat the print with a protective film.

You will get better photo quality (but a worse performance on text) if you use a 6 colour specialist photo inkjet, e.g. Epson 820 /875, Canon S820/S900, HP 5550/7150. Lexmark photo printers seem to have a significantly worse photo performance than Epson, Canon or the latest HP's.

The only specialist photo inkjet printer that will produce photos with greater longevity is the Epson 2100/2200 as mentioned above.

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Thank you very much for the informative response. I shall have to investigate the suggested printers, esp. the availability here in Canada. Also the ink cartridges (I have checked on the availability of the cartridges for my Z52 and many outlets do not carry all the choices). Thanks again!
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