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Default Should I buy a Canon I960 or S9000?

I see that the S9000 is down to under $200. I know this is an older printer but the larger print size interest me. I have a Canon Digital Rebel and need to get a printer that will allow me to take advantage of the 6MP capability of the camera. What I am trying to find out is how the prints from the i960 compare to the S9000. Is there a noticeable difference in quality between an 8x10 printed on the two printers? I like the idea of being able to print the larger 13x19" prints on the S9000 but not if the smaller size prints look better on the i960. Thanks for any info you can give me.
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Default choices

Well, the i960 has a better photo layering system than the S9000 as well as the smaller droplet (2pl vs 4pl). Both are excellent printers, but the i960 will out perform the S9000... and thats saying a lot, though.

If you really want the larger format though, $200 is a great price and you will still get some simply exceptional output from the S9000.

Problably not helping *too* much, but tough choice for the same price. Guess you just have to ask yourself how much larger format printing you would be doing.
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I went through a similar debate about print size recently - assuming I would usually do 4X6, 5X7, and 8X10 but may occasionally want to create some wall prints. I decided to go with the higher quality for the same price and stuck with the Max-Letter size printer (almost bought the i960 - great printer, I ended up going with the epson R300).
My decision was to get the best quality for my $200 purchase and then outsource the occasional larger size print.
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Default S9000 will give you excellent prints

I use the S900 which is the smaller brother of the S9000. The prints I get from it are outstanding (tooks Steves recommendation in his S900 review a couple of years ago). I paid $249 back then for it so $200 now for the S9000 is a good price. Not wishing to disagree with those who own the new Canons (if mine ever breaks I will get the i960) but doubt that you will see any 'real world' difference between these printers unless you get 2 inches from the print which is not how you view a photo anyway. If you have the need to do large format (13x19) you are going to be wall mounting and those need to viewed from at least 30 inches away. If you don't have the real need to do large format, then I get the new printer. You might want to ask yourself just how oftern you will go beyond 8x10? If answer is not very often, then you might be farther ahead to have the larger prints sent out for printing.
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