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Default Canon i9100 or Epson 2200

I am trying to decide between these two printers any help would be appreciated
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Default might want to wait and see how the i9900 reviews

canon announced the i9900 earlier this week. you might want to look at it when it comes out in a few months.

i have the i9100 and like it. i think you will find that both are good printers and both have their strengths and weaknesses. one really needs to know what you intend to do with it before we can help you decide.
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Default 2200 a bit of a pain

I only know the 2200, and I would not buy it again. The main reason is that it will print on very few papers compared to most printers. It is also very touchy in the most bizzare ways--for instance, I do a lot ot test printing (printing a only small part of an image so as not to waste paper or ink), so I reuse each sheet of paper until I have filled it all with test images. Well, the 2200 does not like that and will refuse to print if it detects (I don't know how) ink already on the paper. I also had great dificulties getting the printer driver to work, and switched to a different one for a while. I just switched back because the other did not give the print quality I need and I got it to work, but am having problems with it changing the size of my images in borderless print mode. Maybe all printer have problems like this, I don't know. If I had known how much trouble I would have with printing my digital images I think I would have stuck to hot-glass work! Just kidding, but really I never dreamed buying a good printer would cause so much stress in my life.
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^^^^ This seems very wierd because I've done prints ontop of prints with the 2200 multiple times. Never been a problem. The only printer that would have that kind of problem would Be an Hp 2200 because they have that blue light scanner on them.
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