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Default i960 Cost per Picture??

I just purchased a Canon i960. I am looking for any information that documents the average price per picture.

I was wanting to compare the price of the printer's photos to those I can print at the store.

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Well, from everything I have read it is cheaper to take your files to walgreens, walmart, sam's, costco, etc and have them printed... but personally i enjoy printing my photos at home and don't mind the extra cost...
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I figure that a sheet of the Photo Paper Plus Glossy sets you back about 18 cents per sheet if you buy the 120 sheet pack at BestBuy. When you figure in ink, you might break 21 or 22 cents per print.

I have had my i9100 since they first came out (yes, I am an early adopter much to the dismay/anger of both my checkbook and my wife). was able to print 60 4x6, 15 8.5x11, and 5 13x19 borderless prints before I received one notification that one of my ink tanks was empty using Easy Photo Print on the Defaut quality setting.

Now, if my wife has a lot of prints she needs done for her scrapbooking, I will take them to Wal-Mart or, now, Walgreens. Wal-Mart is about 24 -26 cents per print. Walgreens is 29 cents per print for less than 50 prints; the price drops to 20 cents per print for 50 or prints. I will probably take them to Walgreens from now on because their prints were better than WalMart's. Our Walgreens is not very busy in the photo department, so they had the prints done in the amount of time for my wife to walk to the back, pick up a prescription, and come back up front.
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Hi! I have this same printer, too. I guess the answer depends on what type of paper you use. I've tried various brands of paper and the canon photo paper pro does seem to work best (IMHO, then again, I really like glossy, not matte). I have also used Red River, which I print out and give to the family. I echo that if you're going to print out quite a lot, it is better to go the wal-mart, shutterfly, etc. route.

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Wal*Mart printing costs can look quite attractive, particularly in the 4 x 6" format where I 've seen it advertised at 29 cents per. However, they want about 99 cents for a 5 x 7", which is 3 times the cost per print for 50% more surface area. I guess if I came back from a vacation with 200 shots to print ane 4 x 6" was acceptable, I'd go to a store for printing. However, when it was 9PM and she handed me a 4 x 6 and asked if I could make an 8 x 10 for framing, I printed it right here (Wal*Mart was not even a consideration).

How people determine actual cost per print can be somewhat subjective and based on a lot of personal preferences. I use only Canon paper and Canon inks. However, one can save here also. I keep my eyes on the Sunday flyers and get paper when CompUSA or Staples have their periodic "buy one - get one free" specials. I also get Canon inks from vendors on Ebay for about 50% of the BigBox shelf price.

Frugally yours,
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