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Default Help with printer res, pls!

I have the canon i960. I'm sitting here trying to do some ps work and wondering about printer resolution. Can this be changed or is it a set value? I'm looking through all my ps elements books and it is giving me terms like "72 dpi" and "300 dpi"--I know what these mean, but am I able to manipulate them? Sorry for this very basic question, but I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!

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Default Re: Help with printer res, pls!

Image DPI and printer DPI are comparing apples and oranges.

Your i960 is going to be 4800x2400 dpi on photo paper.

The "ideal" image, as from what I understand will be 300 dpi but the dimensions of 2048x1536 dpi (3 megapixel image) will be different and the higher the better.

Hopefully that at least helps a bit.
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Default Resolution is a hard topic

It really depends on the photo you are printing. With some photos you can get away with 120 DPI and it will still look great. Other photos that are high in contrast will need 600 DPI to look there best. There's likely a happy medium that will work for most of your photos.

Despite it being a 4800x2400 DPI device, you're printer's "native" resolution is 600 DPI. Idealy all your photos would be at this resolution. But this just isn't realistic often times.

If you have a 3 MP image (2048 x 1536 uncropped) you can print a great 600 DPI image, but it will only be 3.4 x 2.6. The same photo will get you a 4x6 and it will be 340 DPI. You can get an 8x10 at 192 DPI.

Some people will actually upres their photos so they're always 600 DPI no matter what size they print. This has benefits and drawbacks. I suspect that 360 DPI will work for most photos. But if you ever see stair stepping in areas of you photo you might want to consider ways to get more resolution for that particular photo.
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