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Default The New DPI Craze...

Recently, I noticed an Lexmark printer boosting about their 4800 dpi. The first thing that came to my mind was ,"What the heck?". You can't possibly put that many dots in one square inch, unless if you decrease the size of the droplet to less than 2 Picoliters. Upon further investigation, I found out that lexmark and HP uses a technology called "color layering". As the name implies, all they do is layer ink drops on top of previous drops. This caused the layering effect. So, technically they do have 4800 dpi, but at what cost?
Our average consumer don't know anything. They know one formula, that someone told 'em. More dpi = better picture. Now, if we look closely you can't tell a difference between a 1440 dpi image and a 4800 dpi image. The reason is, your eye can't tell the difference. So, if your eye can't tell the difference, is the number game so important. The recent player to jump into this numbers game is Epson with it's 5760 dpi printers.
Word of advice: There's no need to print your pictures at 2880 dpi on epson or others, 1440 dpi will do a great job. I believe in saving money on ink.

- Cyberflaw
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It's called marketing!

As for Epson's 5760 dpi, Epson is using a different 'mathematical' formula to arrive at that dpi. I BELIEVE it's the same old 2880 dpi but calculated in a different way. They are doing this to match the new HP printers' 'dpi' rating.

They figure if HP is fooling the consumers they might as well too. Like you said, most consumers are not well informed enough so they go with the higher numbers.
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Ahmen to marketing hype!

This dpi thing is just about 100% pure hype anymore. The printers all make fantastic looking prints but the dpi tech specs are getting to be like megapixels!

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Default 2880 DPI

I still print at the native resolution on any Epson I own and don't see any difference at the higher res's (1440, 2880...) on any stock.

It's all promotional bulls--- hype by the printer companies.

Keep your images at 300 dpi and your laffing.
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