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Default Canon BCI6 - BCI3 Cartridge differences?

Hi all

Just about to order an i865 (UK equiv of i860 with CD printing) to go with my i850 & i550.

I see that the i865 uses the bci6 tanks as opposed to the bci3's in the other printers but looking on Inkjetgoodies they sell the same empty inktank bodies as being compatible with bci3's and bci6's, apart from the actual inks are there any other differences?.

I have a stock of the "bci3" cartridges from Inkjetgoodies and was hoping to just need to buy the dye based black ink.


p.s. Looking forward to coming to the US again in 3 weeks time, another chance to stock up on Red River paper, Inkjetgoodies inks and other photo stuff
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Default differences

The 6 model ink tanks are actually a higher grade ink than the 3 model tanks. What I mean by this, is the 6s are more vivid.

for example, when Canon moved from the i850 to the i560 - same printer, but the 850 uses 3s and the 560 uses 6s - after printing the same photo sample on each, you can tell the 560 had more vivid coloration in its images.

I am pretty sure they cartridges are interchangeble. I have started using 6s in my i850 without a problem.
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