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Default canon i860

Does anyone have this printer, I am seriously considering this printer for 2 reasons. I can use this printer for text as well, as my older printer may die on me, I may regret getting the i560 and then I wouldn't be able to print text properly. I wonder if the quality of the print in the i860 and I560 are identical. Secondly, I thought of the i960, but I wonder if I will see a difference in standard family shots. It is mostly for my wife and mostly 4x6, so I'm not convinced there is an added benefit to the i960. And speed is not as factor, a few extra seconds won't sway my decision. Any help is appreciated, thanks....
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Default i860


I have printed extensively with the 560, 860, and 960.

I can tell you there is a definate difference in print out between the 560 and 860. While the 560 is an excellent printer in its own right, if you are looking for the best of both worlds in terms of fast text output and photo output, I would suggest the i860.

The 860 has an extra cartridge over the the 560 - the photo black. This black is used in printing photographs, therefore, not composite black like on the 560. The difference is pretty impressive when it comes to black, shadows, and gradations. The 860 is a personal favorite printer of mine. I don't think you can go wrong with it.

As for the 960, it has photo magenta and photo cyan added to its colors, but it drops out the text black (bci-3) of the 860/560. In photographs, primarily people/face images, you can see the 960 has a greater print range. You can "see" more colors in the image, more gradation range, than even the 860 can get to. That says a lot - the 860 is tough to beat. Though, the 960 is not really geared to do a lot of text output.

I hope this helps, but I would really recommend the i860 based on your text/photo needs.
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my husband has the i850 and I have an i860, which I use in addition to my 2200. There is a marked difference in the prints from my husband's i850 and my i860...the 850 produces great prints, but the 860's have greater depth and richness. This is attributable to the additional photo black (dye) cartridge in the i860, which is used in printing photos. The i560 and i850 only use the 3 coloured cartidges to create black, which does result in a weaker colour depth. If I were in your shoes and deciding between the 2 I would definitely go with the 860 over the 560.

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