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I just bought a Canon i860 to replace my HP 952C, and the difference is amazing. Photos printed on Canon Photo Pro paper come out looking awesome, with detail just as sharp as the rendered images in Maya has. The printer is also very fast (both in color and black) and quiet. Since i have been using HP printers for a while now, i have a couple questions about getting the most out of my new Canon.

First question has to be about the printhead. What kind of lifespan do Canon's new printheads have, and what can i do to prolong the life of it? I will be printing on a weekly or biweekly basis, so the ink shouldn't dry on the printhead. The first color printer i had was a Canon BJC4100, and the printhead on it sucked. I had to replace it once (under warranty), when it died a second time i bought and HP. Do i have to look forward to something like this happening with the i860??

Next, other than Canon brand photopaper what types of photopapers work well in an i860? I have been using Kodak Ultima paper in my HP and it worked very well. But when i tried it in my Canon (even using the Kodak settings of their website), the prints came out with a purple hue and the ink had pooled across the whole surface of the paper. I've also had ink pooling with a couple other brands of photopaper, would the excess ink cause any problems with the printhead?

Finally, i use photoshop 7 for all my image editing. My monitor is calibrated perfectly for photoshop (according to viewsonic and adobe profiles), and when i loaded my printer 6 canon profiles appeared in photoshop. Does anyone know what the differences between the profiles are, or where i can download a photoshop color profile for this printer?

Once again i have to say just how impressed i am with this printer, and with this website (by far the best i have ever visited for imaging devices). The review/opinions of the various models helped me decide what printer to get. Thanx to anyone who can comment on my above questions.
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Canon now make the print-head as an easily-swappable unit. You'll have spotted that when you installed it! :-) BUT the life expectancy is quite considerable. I've never had to replace one, and I'm on my third canon printer, with the oldest still in every-day service with one of my customers.

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1) The print head will be replaced free of charge by Canon if it fails, so don't worry about that (even if you use refill ink, it's covered under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act).

2) The Kodak paper can work well if you adjust the color manually. For me, I had to reduce the magenta by -10 to -15, and the yellow to +10 (on my i960). Kodak's website has suggested settings for eachmodel of printer. Swellable papers like Kodak are not waterproof or instant dry like the Canon papers, so handle carefully.

Sorry I can't comment on the profiles.
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