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A few months ago, I put a post on here stating that what I see on my monitor is not what is printing. I print photos using Kodak's Ultimate Photo Paper (the top of the line), off of an HP PSC 1350xi.

I rarely do editing. I am an occasional novice photographer that just wants to occasionally print out photos I like. However, I really want what I see on my monitor to print out the same!

Some people have recommended that I get a monitor calibrating software and then go for a printer profile. Thus, my question is a s follows: who on here has done this? Are you happy with the results? Where can I go on-line to have someone do this profile? Do you think having my HP PSC 1350 is worth profiling, or should I go with a Canon printer. I state Canon because I really like them, and if I were to buy a photo printer, that would be it.

Thank you all for your help. -Ed
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monitor profiling is great. And must be done on your own computer. You cant borrown someone elses profile.

However printer profiling is a no no. I've done it and it gives terrible results.

In some ways the results are good, but soon you will see the awful truth. Red is orange, blue is not there. Black is gone and so on.

I used monacoEZcolor, a company I now have no respect for. Selling a profileprogram for 700 euros (like 800 US dollars) but gives results that make me cry. I wrote to them several times about the problem, they only said that this was the case with "cheap" profiling equipment. For better results one should look at their more expensive products. So why the HELL(!) should you buy something that costs more than the printer itself if the results are WORSE than original.

So, go with theoriginal profile. That's the best you can get.

Papers are difficult though, some give strange results, perhaps this is why youare having problems. Try with original recommended paper, is it better?
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If you use the manufacturer's ink and paper there is no need to profile. I use Red River paper and Inkjet Goodies ink in my Canon photo printer and have to profile the printer or the results are off. I use a program called Profile Prism. It is inexpensive and worth the savings in ink costs if you print a lot.
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