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Default Cannon vs Epson

I have an inexpensive Cannon 3 color printer. I am thinking of getting a better 6 color printer. Once I had trouble with my inexpensive Cannon printer when the print head needed to be changed. It was simple. I just bought a new print head with new ink for $50.00. Four new ink cartridges would have been $48.00. Basically I got a new print head for $2.00. When I was asking about the problem at the local computer company, they told me that it would have cost $100.00 just to have their repair people look at it. Is this a concern if I purchase a better printer. I hear the Cannon is good and know that the print heads are easily replaceable by the consumer. I also hear that the Epson is the quality standard for printers. If I get an Epson, am I looking for a large repair bill when I have to replace the print head down the road. Thanks, Dr. Bill ( say it fast! )
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opinion- if your going to print color photos and want truer color it would be advantagous to look into a 6 color printer. after owning a series of epsons over the past 8 years. i tend to lean towards them. i currently own a 1270 wide carriage am standing by for the delivery of a 2200 in about a week or two.
canon has the 900/9000 series which is owned by a few here.
pricing on 6 color models will run these days from $99-700 US. factors like print size, speed of printing, and print longevity are what make the price spread so wide.

one factor that i have noticed is the cost structure of ink(the MAJOR consumable) puts epson lower tha any of them. on the 2200 there newest trickest highend printer i have a price of $8.90US per cart/color. unfortunately there are 7 cartridges to replace in this beast.

once you make the decision you'l order a ratio 3to1 color to blk unless your doing lots of reports also

read further into the forums and get a more rounded scoop on what the rest of the group has to say.

mx wise in my epson- never been touched. no mx. it works hard too. what kills the heads is lack of use. the ink clogs, drys, and plugs. then you got head changes.

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go to this web site, always a thread on this and many opinions
http://www.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1003. It seems that they are both good printers and both put out good quality pics. Although I have read many times over that epsons do have a tendencey to clogged ink heads. I inquired at several repair shops around my home and asked what brand was brought in the most and they all said "Epsons" for clogged heads! Just information that I have came up with searching for answers like you!
Good Luck on your decision
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Default This is bull

I have ownned an Epson 640 since it came out and i don't do printing every day and never had a head clog that the regular head cleanning can't handel. I also know if the printer remains off for a day it will clean the heads when turned on. I think the whole head clogging issue is a lot of bull started by HP to cover tha fact that their printers can't come close to Epson in photo reperduction. I'm waiting for the 960 since it's inks carts are all seperate and figure it will save money over the long run. Even uses 2 black carts which i hear are for text or pictures. Might be like the 2200 and have three blacks cart which you change for different jobs.
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No, this is not bull!

Your 640 is ancient equipment. The newer Epsons have much finer nozzles, which may be a cause to the clogging issues. The ones on the market can deliver 4 picoliter drops when 2pl drops on the horizon.

Not every Epson has clogging problems but read the posting and there's more report on Epson clogging than anything else. I've experienced it myself and I'm a devoted Epson fan.

If you really want to know about clogging issues, just ask anyone with an Epson 780. That specific model tends to get the most write up on clogging.
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