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I have the i950 and looking to replace the ink for it. Inkgrabber.com has replacement cartridges for 1.95 for the black and color cartridges. Has anyone used them? How's the quality? That price seems too good to be true....I don't want to be penny wise pound foolish.

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Third party inks.. just asking for trouble.

There have been numerous postings on this board and others about people have issues with their printheads. What ends up being the root cause? They started using third party inks.

You can find good prices on genuine Canon cartridges by surfing the net a bit, or Ebay is also an excellent source.
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yes i agree dont use 3rd party inks they WILL damage your print head by gloging it i had to change mine because i was getting faint lines on my photos check out my other posts

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I agree, totally. I buy Canon inks for about 40% of bigbox price:

[email protected]

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I've been using ink and empty cartridge bodies from http://www.Inkjetgoodies.com for over a year in 3 Canon printers, I550, I850 and a new I865 without any problems at all.

The ink is very high quality unlike the cheap compatible catridges and is almost a perfect colour match to the original Canon inks.

I use at least 1 set of carts per month in my printer and about 1 set every 2 months in the kids printers, refill costs are extremely cheap at about £1.50 (US$2.50) to fill a full set :-)
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I have an iP6000D canon printer. I believe its essentially the same thing as the i960 but the printhead has 1/2 the jets and thus theoretically prints half as slow.

I have been using the Inkgrabber replacement cartridges since I bought the machine (perhaps 3 months ago?). I did use the included Canon cartridges as the first cartridges in the machine, but I quickly switched over to the generics as the individual cartridges ran out of ink. Knowing the price difference and having some confidence in Inkgrabber, I bought 20 replacement cartridges.

There seems to be a wide discrepancy between generic inks. Inkgrabber seems to be highly recommended though. Neil Slade has an indepth website about printing at: http://www.neilslade.com/papers/inkjetstuff.html .

It seems there are a few key concerns about replacement inks. There are ways to get around these issues.
1) pH
2) particle size
3) color
4) fading and other properties

pH and particle size can affect the printhead. Clogging from generics seem to be caused by combining two different inks into the printhead with different particle size and pH properties. When you change the cartridge over from one brand to another (such as from Canon to generic with different pH), the difference will cause a chemical reaction forming precipitate and fill your printheads with junk. Depending on the pH difference in the two solutions, this reaction can occur instantly or over a longer period of time.

You can get around this issue by printing out a picture (that has all the colors of your cartridges) or some document forcing all inks from the cartridge to flush out the heads. If you do this when you change brands you can avoid the precipitation issue.

Neil Slade's website has a good recommendation for correcting most color issues by changing print driver settings.

I knew ahead of time that I would be printing out HUGE volumes of documents and pictures. I figured that if my printheads failed after half a year the replacement cost will be justified after ink savings.
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I've refilled my cartridges for years with no problems. I did let my S9000 sit a long time without printing anything and had to soak the heads, but I think that would have happened with Canon ink also.

I bought my latest batch of Canon ink from Inkjet Goodies on recommendations, but have used MIS ink for many years without problems as well. They are probably the same ink – I have read that there is only one manufacturer for quality aftermarket ink.

Cheap aftermarket cartridges can be a problem if they don't use good ink.

Alston I'm getting a cannot find server message with your link. Might just be temporary.

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