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After a week of surfing the net and comparing facts I finally decided to buy me a new printer. Oh joy, joy.
But boy is it hard work to buy a printer. :?There are so many different models out there.

So I thought I post my reasoning here,maybe it can help some one else who is thinking of buying a new printer.

After reading forums, and doing calculations about ink costs, Icame to the conclusion that separate ink tanks are preferable. HP does not have separate ink tanks.

It also seems that HP has a higher ink cost. Im not 100% sure about this, but I put in to my excel the price of the different manufactures inks, and the amount of pages the manufacturer claims one cartridge will last. Canon and Epson seemed to be the cheapest in ink costs.

This allleft HP out of the picture for me.

Multifunction or not?
First the multifunction printers grabbed my attention. To get a scanner/copier/photo printer so cheep! Wow.

So I started to compare the multifunction models to their corresponding stand alone printer and scanner.

Fax I do not need, so I did not include that into the calculations.

Also I am going to use the printer computer connected, so I do not take in account memory card readers, or the ability to print directly from the camera.

Canon 700/730 - 4 ink tanks,4 colors, 2 picoliters, 1200x2400 scanner.
The closest printer would be Canon i560 and the scanner Canon LiDe 30.
It seems that buying the printer and scanner separate saves 30% !

Canon MP360/370/390 - 2 ink tanks, 4 colors, 2 picoliters, 1200x2400 scanner.
Here the closest printer would be Canon i455 and the scanner again Canon LiDe30.
Again it seems that one has to pay 30% extra to get all integrated.
Also these printers does not have separate ink tanks

Epson CX6400 -4 ink tanks, 4 colors, 4 picoliters, 1200x2400 scanner.
Closest printer would be theEpson C64 and the scanner again LiDe30.
(Epson does not make 1200x2400 scanners. Their line seems to start at 2400x4800)
There does not seem to be any "extra" price for the "integration" on the Epson.
The 4 picoliters / 4 inks seems to be a bit obsolete?

Epson RX600 - 6 ink tanks, 6 colors, 3 picoliters, 2400x4800 (!) scanner.
Closest printer is Epson R200 and closest scanner is Epson 2400 Photo.
The RX600 seems to have the best scanner. I dont know if one really needs the better resolution tho.
Itseems to be about 10% more expensive to buy the integrated RX600 compared to buying a separate printer and scanner. That is ok I think?

But Epson bundles "Adobe Photoshop Elements" with the 2400 Photo scanner, and that is worth a lot, if one needs a good image editing program.

Suddenly the Canon multifunction printers did not seem a good value for the money, and the Epson CX6400 started to look a little ""out of date"" with its 4 inks and 4 picoliters.

That would leave the RX600, that seems .

Top line "A4" size inkjets.
The top line "A4" printers from Epson and Canon are not available as multifunction printers.

Canon has the i990 that has 7 ink tanks and is 2 pico liters.
Epsono has the R800 that has 8 ink tanks and is only 1,5 pico liters.

Still you can get 3 Epson R200 for the price of those top line products....
(Or a Epson R200 and a lot of Inkjet paper and ink tanks)

Maybe its a better value for the money, to go with the second best models?

More value for the money.
Epson R300 is the same printer as R200, but it has the memory card readers and the ability to print directly form the camera. Those are functions I do not need.
R300 also has USB2 and R200 "only" USB1. But I can not imagine that USB1 would be a bottle neck when printing....

Canon i560 is in the same price range as the R200. And I suppose the quality is same also. R200 has 2 more colors, but Canon is 2 picoliters and Epson "only" 3 picoliters.

Canon i865 and i965 would also bee good choices. Adding more ink tanks. (and price)

Still R200 and i560 prints (in my opinion) are photo quality prints andhas in my opinion the best value for money.

Well in the end I bought the Epson R200. And I am VERY happy with it.
(The choice was Epson, because the dealer did not have the Canon in stock.)

Hope some one has some use of all this, if nothing else, to laugh at my horrible English .
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You have a lot on your plate.

First off, do you want a photo capable printer?

Second, how much printing (text/photos) are you planning on doing?

Here are some quick thoughts. But answering those two questions above will help.

RE: Epson CX6400. It uses Durabrite and is not meant for photo printing by far. A nice little multifunction, but not for photos.

RE: Canon MP360/370/390. Nice multifunctions, photo quality - but black and Tricolor setup. Now the BCi-24 cartridges are cheap. But if you are doing a lot of printing, I would lean toward the higher end Canons.

RE:Canon 700/730. These are basically a Canon i850/i560 engine. Very nicemultipurpose units than can do text and great photo output (for a 4 color). Individual tanks to boot.

RE: Epson RX600. Six color printing in the class of the R300 (same engine) and the Canon i960. Basically a photo printer with scan and copy capability. What gets me about these machines is, NO text black! So for general printing and copying docs, these don't make sense. (they really need an MFP based around the i860, with its dual blacks)

Overall (more of my two cents) if you are looking for an exceptional photo printer and text/doc printer.. look into the Canon i860. It is a fantastic mutli purpose unit.

BUT.. if you answer more questions! hehe.. maybe we can narrow it down more.
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I liked the way that you determined what features were important to you when you evaluated your best deal. I do think you left out one thing in your "all in one" analysis.

Do you want/need a copy machine?

I am not trying to suggest that this feature was important to you but as you said, someone else might find it useful. My family has a need for a device wheresomeone can lay a piece of paper (or a collection of papers, like reciepts for example), press a button, and have a copy come out. I had tried this with a scanner combined with PC monitoring software, but it was just complex enough not to be dependable. We do have a stand-alone fax/copy machine now so my new printer is the i860. If we did not have that copy machine, I would have had to look a lot harder at the all in one's.
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