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Has anyone tried the new Espon Picturemate? It claims 4x6 prints for 29 cents each. I was wondering if anyone has seen the quality of these prints.

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I've been wondering myself on this printer.I've seen some good and negative comments at the printer forum at dpreview.com. The biggest complaint is that it takes about 4 minutes (at the highest quality setting) to print a single 4X6 picture. The plus seide is that uses pigment based inks which should last longer.
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Old Aug 20, 2004, 12:45 AM   #3
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I just bought this printer after reading numerous reviews. Most reviews, including Steve's, seem very favorable, but I found a few that weren't flattering so I was a bit reluctant. I decided to give it a try anyway since Best Buy allows you to return it within 14 days. I don't think I'll need to take advantage of this return policy as so far, I love the printer. I'm very picky about my prints and I feel my Wolf camera lab prints are probably slightly better, but not by much. I'm very impressed by the quality and of course I love how the prints are supposed to last 100 years behind glass and 200 in a photo album. The printer is a bit on the slow side, but for the quality, it is worth the wait.
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Here isthe deal with the Picturemate: Prints will cost about 29 cents and Epson guarantees this you can read about it here http://files.support.epson.com/htmld...x.htm#wp998621

The cartridges from my experience last longer than 100 prints, in my case almost 150-180 when I do demos. If it happens just use Epson Premium 4x6 paper.

All prints are water resistant and fade resistant. They do last 100 years behind glass. The inks are pigment based not dye based like the r200/300/500/600. It does not have an lcd, which I wish it had. However, most cameras are pict-bridge (Canon, newest Sony, Nikon, some Olympus, Fuji, and newer HPs) This means that one can hook up a camera directly to the printer via usb, view the image on the camera lcd, and then press print on the camera to print the picture. Also most camerassupport Direct print order format (DPOF) what this does is it allows you choose the certain imagesin the camera you want to print, take out the memory card and put it in the printer, and press print on the printer and print those images without printing an index sheet. The Picturemate supports these two formats.

Does it print slow? Compared to all the smaller printers, yes it does, it sacrifices speed for quality, I promise you won't care when you see a print. Do a test at Best Buy, go print on any of the other small portables, and you will see the difference.

Go talk to one of the Epson reps at BestBuy, we are there from 5-9pm Fridays, 1-5pm Sat, 1-5pm Sun. The Epson rep there will be more than happy to give you a demo. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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