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Default Epson Stylus Photo 750

OK, I'm about to put the cat amongst the pigeons I know but having bought a luverly new Fuji S602, I'm beginning to doubt my printer as being good enough?
When I bought the Photo 750 it was the dogs danglies. Knowing things move onwards and upwards I do now wonder just how good it is in comparison with the latest offerings.
I've heard good things about the latest Canons and the new Epsons but really wanted some advice as to the legitamacy of throwing a 6 colour printer away?
I suppose the question is, how bad is the 750?
Comments would be appreciated from anyone but especially from other Fuji S602 owners.

Thanks all
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i owned a 750 still in operation by a friend who is now the owner.
it is an excellent printer but by todays resolutions and now the improved ink/dye longevity issues it is unfortunately well behind the curve
for general printing it works well no reason to chuck it out unless there is a problem with it. but you have to decide on the to items mentioned above. the images will fade considerably faster with the ink used in that printer. the newer models have print longevities of well over 10 years protected under glass(framed) out of direct sunlight and as long( if you want to get real serious) 80 yrs.
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The 750 using generic ink $9 for the pair and epson glossy at about $6.50 for 20 sheets. Prints very good, very, very, very cheap. Seems like you cannot work the 750 hard enough. Always put it into semi retirement and use for affordable xmas, birthday cards and such....
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Thanks Guys!
I might afford a new printer seeing that prices are considerably cheaper now it seems, but the 750 will stay!

Very good point on the ink longevity though, I'd actually forgotton about that bit completely.

Very many thanks.
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For what it's worth, I upgraded from an Epson Photo 700 to a Canon S820 earlier this year. The difference in print quality wasn't startling - nothing like the difference when I first bought the Epson after having used an HP deskjet. However, comparison with the Canon showed that there was always microbanding on the Epson.

The big difference was speed - the Canon is 4-5 times as fast as the 700 and that has completely changed my printing habits. I can also now get borderless prints which I like.

I would be a bit cautious about improved print longevity. Unless you go to the Epson 2200 which uses pigment inks, I don't think that inkjet print lives have increased significantly. Choice of paper and environmental factors (humidity, ozone, etc.) seem to be more important than the printer/ink with dye based inks. I have four year old prints from my Epson 700 that haven't faded at all, but I have had quite fast fading on the Canon with certain papers.

Also, if you use the Epson 750 intermitently, you may get serious clogging problems (I did on my 700).

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