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Sorry didn't answer one of your questions....
BIGDANE wrote:
Am I to understand, that you CAN use easy-print AND do
whatever intensity and color adjustement you see fit,
- because that's what I need to do,
- but can't make happen!
To answer the question - NO
I do the balance, levels, contrast, cropping, and color adjustment
in Photoshop, save the files to another area and then
batch print them using Qimage.

I only used easy-print to try and emulate what you were running into.
It is too limited for what I usually need, so I don't use it.
However that said - I WAS able to get a
normal balanced print from a good file and when I put on
the "effect" for "photo-vivid" I got what you described.

So in that one case the answer was YES I got a good print,
after processing the photo to a normal point in something
else, and YES eazy-print did screw it up when I set it

Does that help any??
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Old Jul 11, 2004, 5:13 AM   #12
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Thanks for your reply, - I meant printer set-up!

I also use PS to do my adjustements, - problem being is, that what print's through easy-print is totally different from the scene I shot as well as the "look" in PS.

My monitor showsa fairly accurate representation of reality, - I have had it adjusted by a pro. graphic designer using colorcharts etc., - and have never had ANY problems with the much cheaper printers I have previously owned.

So my need to do a permanent adjustement in the printer set-up is ONLY so the print will look like the scene shot and/or what the monitor shows in PS, - NOT to do adjustements to the picture taken!

But as I said, - it appears that easy-print bypasses all manual color adjustements in the printer menu.

Any suggestions as to how to do this, -and still use easy-print, -would be much appriciated.

I tried downloading a trial version of the much recommended Qimage, but would not be able to use that in a million years, but I should add, that I CAN adjust printer settings manually in ALL other programs than eysy-print.

What gives?


If anyone has suggestions to an incredibly simplistic and userfriendly print program, that is as easy to use as easy-print, please come forward.

Ithas to be real easy, - I hate PC's and am BLBD! (BorderLineBrainDead)
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Old Jul 13, 2004, 9:01 PM   #13
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I bought the 9900. Been printing alot of pics and they look great! Got a question for those who have this printer. Is it normal for the printer to do alot of clicking after you're done printing? It'll do it about 30 seconds after printing then again a couple of minutes later and then every once in awhile after that.
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Old Jul 13, 2004, 9:49 PM   #14
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I have the i9900 also and am extremely happy with its quality output and good ink efficiency.

The clicking and other sounds also occur in my unit and I just attribute it to the software/firmware making sure that the heads are properly cleared of any ink that could clog them in preparation for putting the unit into sleep mode. Of course, that's just a guess but I'm not worried about it as I used to own Epsons and the (lack of) noise in this printer is so trivial compared to the Epsons'.
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Old Jul 16, 2004, 2:40 PM   #15
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:homey: Hi

Yes, the clicking is just the cleaning of the heads. Its no problem. I have the i9950 and what I have done is set it to auto on/off with the off set to 15 minutes.

Therefore if the printer is not used for 15 minutes it switches off.


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Old Jul 17, 2004, 1:33 AM   #16
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I've had the Canon i9900 for about a month, and I find it to be very impressive. I haven't used the Epson 2200, but I previously used the Epson Photo 1280 with which I think I used more ink to clean the head than to print photos. I had an Epson before the 1280 whose print head clogged up badly after a not-that-long period of activity. (I came close one night to tossing the 1280 out of my window, but I'm 8 floors up and might have killed someone. I just use it for text printing now.)

One of the 'little' things that I like about the printer is that you canclose the paper loading area , so when you are not using it, it is less likely to collect dust and in my case, cat fur!

I don't claim to be an expert but I've tried printing photos on a variety of paper types/brands (although no larger than letter size so far) with very satisfying results. It even printed well on Office Depot store brand paper, where for cat pics to include in Xmas cards, longevity isn't an issue.
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Your problem sounds like mine after I bought my i9100. Too vivid color etc. However I print from PS and not easy-photo print. However if your photos look good on screen and print too vivid try this. In PS click on Edit, select color settings, click No Color Management. Also when you save an image (File, Save As) click ICC Profile off. When you print in PS (File, Print) Click Properties, select Main, then paper type(glossy etc) click "Color Adjustment" to Manual. Click on "Set" and make sure "Enable ICM" is off (not checked). Then in the same window you are able to select "Print Type" to "Photo". Then click OK. See what Happens. All of these adjustments can be saved in "Profiles" for quicker printing once you get the color correct.

If you still want to print from Easy-Photo try this. Open Easy-Photo and click on "File" and select "Preferences". Turn off "Optimize Images Automatically". I haven't tried this but it may work.

Hope this helps

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