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Hello, I'm sure this is the most asked question, however I would like to hear some opinions. I am looking to get the best photo printer I can for the money. When I say the best, i'm talking about a price range that is not ridiculous, maybe 6 or $700 tops.

Honestly I would hope to not have to spend that much money but would probably be willing.Of course if the best printer costs $200 i'm more than happy with that and if there is a very very slight difference between a printer that sales for $200 and one that sales for $400 I would probably choose the $200 one. If the difference is substantial i'd get the higher priced one. I just want to get the best quality printer that I can have. I am new to this and have only researched the photo printers in the last few days but from what I see it seems Canon and Epson get the best reviews. I see wonderful things about the Canon I9900 and then I see wonderful things about the I960 which is less than half the price. Is the 9900 really worth the extra cost? Also I read good things on the Epson R800 and the R2200. The 2200 costs around $700. Is it really that much better than the Canon I9900? I know there are many factors to consider including print speed, cost of suppies etc but if we were only looking at print quality which one would be the very best and if that oneis one of the more expensive ones which one of the cheaper models comes closest or which one of the cheaper models is the best?

I hope this makes sense and would appreciate any advice/help.
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First what are the size prints you will be printing.

My recommendations:
Canon i960 for prints that are 4X6 to 8X10, fast and great colors, six individual tanks saves on the cost of ink and also a user replaceable printhead. Cost $200 or less

If you want photolab quality photos then I would look at HiTi photo dyesub printers. You can check them out at www.hitouchimaging.com

I have no experience with larger print formats.
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The i960 is a very good printer. I have the i9100 and love it. It has been a true workhorse. I agonised deciding between the i9100 and the Epson 2200. I just could not justify the cost for the Epson because I could notthink of any time that I would use the roll paper or the cutting attachment. I also did not want to have to fiddle with the driver settings all the time like I did in my Epson 880. The upside to the Epson is the longevity of the prints because of their pigmented ink and the wide variety of paper types and thicknessesthat it can print on. But the Canon also makes exceptional prints. The Canon driver will automatically set the best settings (quality, etc.) based on the type of paper you are using. From what I understand though is the i9900 makes even better prints because of the better color gamut resulting from the addition of red and green inks to the typical black, magenta, cyan, photo magenta, photo cyan, and yellow.

I bought the medium format printer to upgrade from my Canon S800 (the first of their speedy output printers) because my wife scrapbooks and she could make her own background pages.
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:homey: Hi

I thought long and hard before I upgraded my old HP 930c. I finally settled on the new Canon i9950 (i9900 in USA).

I have had it three months now and it is fantastic. The ink (original) is cheap and the quality out of this world. Read Steve`s review for print life.

I certainly wouldn`t change it for the Epson.

Go for this or the A4 version if that is all you need. You wont be disappointed.

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To answer your question ..
Canon i990 for all A4 photo printing!
If you are using Mac 10.3.4 like me, then avoid Epson at all costs - dodgy drivers. Canon is the only printer that does the job!
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Is the Epson 2200 that much better than the i9900? I have both. I'll be selling the 2200. The Epson is a great printer. I think the Canon is better. I'm getting 13x19 inch prints that are as good as anything I've received from a commercial lab. The colors explode. The saturation rivals Velvia. Printing on Canon's Photo Paper Pro or the Konica that Stve metions here (40% less expensive) result in what I had always dreamt about in ink jet printing. When the first big print slid out, my wife and I dropped our jaws in utter amazement. It's the best ink jet printer on the market IMHO. I am a graduating student in a photography program. All of my instructors and very talented classmates agree. It's the best money I have spent in years. Great product and a great value. Oh, and it's very fast (which is not that important to me).
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