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Hi everybody,

Although I have never really suffered with clogged printheads on Epsons (up to now I haven't printed out many of my photos) I know plenty of other people complain of this problem and some even refuse to consider purchasing Epsons due to this problem. What I want to know is whether there are ways to avoid running wastefull printhead cleaning cycles?

I have heard some peoplesay that regular use of the printer will avoid the problem, but how much is "regular use" - One printout a day, a week or once a month?

Others say that leaving the printer on standby will prevent clogged printheads, but is this because the printer will periodically perform cleaning cycles? - which defeats the purpose of leaving the printer on in the first place (and very noisy too!)

And most people claim that using Epson Brand ink and paper will reduce the amount of clogged printheads - this one I can understand!

So do people know if these measures are effective or just techno-superstition? Anyone have any more to add to the list?


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I have 2 Epson printers: an i880 and an R800. The R800 has never clogged. I use only Epson ink.

The 880 is my cheap old workhorse document printer and I use el-cheapo ink from myinks.com in the 880 and it never clogs as long as I print something every 2 weeks or so. Anytime I let it sit for more than a month without printing, it clogs and needs a couple cleaning cycles to clear.
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Old Jul 20, 2004, 11:28 AM   #3
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We have an Epson 2200 at our office. Unfortunately it doesn't get the use that it should. Most of our output needs are filled by an old Mopier laser printer (text stuff mostly).

I'm one of the few to use the Epson, and I do a nozzle check pretty much every time that I know it's been more than a week since I last used it. Whenever it goes as much as a month without use, it will need the nozzles cleaned, unfortunately.

If you're using it daily or every couple of days, you may want to check it when colors seem shifted or every couple of months. But if you go a few weeks without using it, you may as well print a test pattern. I would guess it uses more ink to print several times while making adjustments to fix color that has shifte because of clogged nozzles compared with doing a quick check and fixing it before printing.
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I used to be an almost religious Epson user... I have two of them, an 850 and a 1270. The old 850 has never had a clogging problem. The 1270 has been a pain in the neck, though I'll admit the output is great when it's working right. I'm done fighting the cleaning and re-cleaning and now use a Canon i9100 for my photos.

The Canon i9100 was really cheap once the i9900 was introduced. The old 850 is still doing great on my second computerand I use the 1270 for day-to-day printing. I'll continue to do so till my old ink supply is used up. Once that happens, I'll donate it to the local thrift shop.
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I packed up my Epson Stylus 740 for 4 and then 6 months while I travelled recently and only had to run the clean routine a couple of times after the second extended absence to get right back to good quality colour photos. Maybe I'm just lucky!

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