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Hi: My current CanonS900 printer is acting up and it doesn't look like I can repair it economically. The problem is that I have a ton of Photo Paper Pro and the BCI-6xx ink cartridges. Subsequently, I guess I'm currently married to Canon.

Does anyone know offhand what newer style printers can use the BCI-6xx cartridges? I wouldn't mind the latest one Steve tested as I've wanted a wide carriage model but don't know if my ink is compatable. That's listed as an eight ink color model. I think the i960 will in fact be compatable with the BCI's so that's probably the best choice.

I know I could get this info on the net but I'm in rural MN with a 26.4 internet speed and no way to get satellite! This kind of stuff just takes me forever to research at my connection speeds.

Thanks all,


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Yep all the higher end Canon printers use the 6 series cartridges.

The 860 (and new iP4000) Use the CYMB plus a 3 series Black
The i900,i960, and wide carrage i9100use CYMB +PM+PC (same as your current s900)
The i9900 uses the CYMB +PM +PC +a new Red and a new Green.

I also had an S900 and replaced it with a i860 the quality is actually (IMHO) better than the 6 color S900, plus I got the fast and cheap Black printing.
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Castledude: That's exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks! gary
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Yes, I can confirm that, the Canon "BCI-6xx" ink tanks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta and Black) are used by the s800, s820, s820D, s830D, s900, s9000, i950, i960, i9100 andi9900 printers. The i860 uses the primary BCI-6 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)plus the larger pigmented BCI-3e Black for text.

We just today recv'd the new iP4000 Pixma printer and it is like the i860, it also uses the primary BCI-6 tanks plus the large BCI-3e Black.
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