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Default Canon 900 / 9000

Hung up the Epson 870 and 1270. Replaced with 900 and 9000. It literally let's me sleep at night.

Some jobs require long hour express prep.

The new printers are so much faster that on one job, it literally let us get a couple hours sleep. It is an annual job and twice previously, we did not sleep.

Gotta love equipment that makes life better.

(plus, like the separate ink cartridges)

Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?

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Default Canon "S" series drive updates

<h3>Canon Driver Update - Exif 2.2 Support</h3>
<h4>S300, S520, S750, S800, S820, S820D, S900, S9000</h4>
With the <a href="http://consumer.usa.canon.com/printers/exif_print.html" target="_blank">latest driver software</a> the "S" series printers now have a print preview feature (hey, somebody does listen to me) and are now Exif 2.2 compatible when used with the Canon Easy Photo Print program. When printing images from the Canon Powershot cameras (A30, A40, A100, A200, S200, S330 with the latest firmware) the output is now even better than before. Truer skin tones and the colors and shadow detail are exactly what the camera captured.
From the Canon web site:
"For Canon's newer S series printers, we have &lt;a href="http://consumer.usa.canon.com/printers/exif_print.html" target="_blank">updated our driver&lt;/a> to feature a new set of color tables to allow our exclusive &lt;a href="http://consumer.usa.canon.com/printers/exif_print.html#easyphoto" target="_blank">Easy-PhotoPrint software&lt;/a> to process the digital camera images using all of the same colors available when the picture was taken. Through the simple 3-step visual process of image selection, paper size and type, and final printed layout, Easy-PhotoPrint automatically sets the optimum driver settings for beautifully stunning photographic output from your Canon printer."[/list]
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I too have ditched an old Epson photo printer in favour of a new S900, and must say, am very impressed with both the quality and speed.

All I need now is a D60/D100 to go with it - to replace my cruddy old Kodak DC260!

Good to know about the new drivers Steve - I'll give them a go.

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Default S9000 vs. Epson

I have the Epson 870 that will print 8.5" wide and up to 129" long. This is great for big panoramic photos. The later Epson models all limit the length to 44" They are about the only makers of roll paper that allows the long prints.
I understand the S9000 will allow for print lengths up to 102". Is this true?
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just brought the s900 i'm all smiles
have the oly 2100 and i used the easy print program pictures came out great
i think epson better wake up and smell the roses canon is at the front door
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