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This is for all of you who, like me, cannot consider the purchase of 'higher end' printers for whatever reason. (Alright i can't afford one!)

I was thinking of buying an Epson R300, without monitor,best price here in the U.K. about £99.00 ( $181.00 US) There has been many favourable reviews about this printer, aside from the usual issue of running costs which i'm sure none of us like ! And, yes, i do know you get what you pay for, but this all i can pay for and think i would be happy with it.

So i was ready to buy and then noticed the R200. Anybody looking at these printers will be aware of the differences between the two but for those who don't they are basically these : The R300 has a built in card reader for most cards to enable direct printing without a computer and shows as a removable drive in My Computer (Windows), the option to buy a preview monitor (included with R300me), supports Pictbridge & USB Direct print, bluetooth connection, external cd-r & Zip drives. The R300 also has USB 2 connectivity to the host computer enabling faster data transfer to the printer. The R200 has none of these but they both have ability to print compatible cd's, Ultra Micro Dot™ for 3pl droplets, borderless prints, same resolution, and six individual colours, and both support Print Image Matching II. They both use the same 'engine' and if none of the R300's extras are important to you, you may find this bit interesting.

R300, 6x4 borderless print, Photo setting, photoenhance on :85 seconds from when paper loaded to dropping out the other end.

R200, 6x4 borderless print, Photo setting, photoenhance on : 80 seconds from when paper loaded to dropping out the other end.

With the same settings printed on A4 they both completed in 170 seconds

As a pointer my current printer, a C84, did the 6x4 in 90 seconds

These results were emailed to me from a man at Epson UK including the C84 time.

So not blisteringly fast but none of these are £300.00 ($550.50 US) printers and i would be happy! In terms of speed my C84 is fine but i would like to print glossy photos as well.

To recap; if you are not fussed with the R300's bells and whistles try to find an R200 if you can find it much cheaper. At the moment i have only seen it about £15.00 less, so when i buy mine in a day or so i might just get the R300 after all.(Never know when my existing four card readers might pack up !!)

If you have read this far you really must be after a new printer, if not, sorry for rambling.
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Great post Steve. I'm a big fan of the R-200. I compared output from this and the higher end Epsons and Canons and actually prefered it. Colors seemed to pop more. I've used this printer for a while now, and the output is stunning overall. The Digital Image Makers Assn, a professional trade org, (DIMA) rated the R300 the best inkjet in the $100 to $200 category for photos up to 8.5" in 2004. Since the R200 is the same printer, sans the bells and whistles, the quality of it's output, which is identical to the R300, is >vastly< underrated. This may be by design from Epson. In the US the resolution specs of the R200 is not plastered all over the box, like the R300. I'm darn near thrilled with the quality of this printer, which didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

I've gone through the original inks, and am now using Abacus Inks off eBay. Colors look identical to the OEM, so far no problem with shifts, clogs or fading. Off topic, but I would have never considered experimenting with non-OEM inks with a more expensive printer. So, if my little experiment with generics works - these are 32 for the set including shipping, you can't argue with the up-front cost or the total cost of ownership either. You can snap and print - high quality/resolution photos, to your heart's content - well, almost.

Resolution and image quality of photo printers has gotten to the point where you're splitting hairs. They all have to be good to compete. It's coming down to what feature set works for you - and, of course, price
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Thanks NickTrop. I have had my R300 for a couple of weeks now and can report that i am VERY happy with it. In fact i upgraded to an R300 + 6 extra inks + A4 photo paper + usb lead all for £149.99 GBP. The cheapest oem ink here is around £10.99 each cartridge, so the printer cost £99.00 and the rest at £49.99 instead of around £85.00. Now i know that in the fabled land of cheap prices all this would cost you about $3.00 USD , but over here i am cockahoop with my bargain !!!

I agree that the R200 is essentially the same printer, so much so, that i advised a friend to get one and he is very happy as well. More so when i found one at £69.99. When i got my R300 the R200 was only £10.00 cheaper.

Don't need to use third party ink yet but nice to know you are not having any problems with it. I would be interested to know how you get on in the future with it.

I have yet to try printing on CD's, have you ? I will give it a go soonand althoughit's not what i bought the printer for along with the other extras, it's nice to know they are there when i want them.

While i did not expect a response, (just trying to offersome pointers), it was nice to hear your experiences with your R200.

Thanks again


P.S. Have just read your post here http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=40

and at the risk of sounding like i'm startinga mutual appreciation society, and as Smokey Robinson once said, i second that emotion !!
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