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Is there any such thing as true water resistance ink jet prints? Most of the manufacturers brag about their moisture resistance and we all know that there is absolute truth in advertising. I have an Epson Stylus C80 that does well on text printing using regular paper, but on glossy photo paper, the slightest moisture will dull or smear the ink. I want to be able to print my own photos at home. We always try to be careful when handling our prints, but there is always the chance that someone (especially little fingers) might not be as considerate. I know that Kodak has the printer that puts a clear coat over the print, but I hear that Kodak service is abysmal and that there are probably better printers with better quality images.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Epson has improved their Durabrite ink formula, and claims water-resistance on all compatible media.
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Epson C84, Pigment Ink, Durabrite Photo Paper, 6 x 4 print.

Just happened to be walking past a running tap with one of these prints in my hand and felt drawn to hold it under !! Left it running all over the print for about 15 seconds.

First thing i noticed, the print almost immediately began to curl, though to be more specific, the image is 4" diameter in middle of 6 x 4, and the unprinted portion curled the most. No ink bleed whatsoever, no smudging, no nothing ! Began to air dry the photo, soon got bored waiting, so started to gently wipe the print with clean cotton cloth. Big NO NO !! Unless you are extremely gentle it will wipe the ink away. Very gentle dabbing to remove excess water then leaving to air dry is best.

So for those of us concerned about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, (running tap, print in hand etc ), i can confirm Durabrite inkappears to do what it says on the tin. Of course this has a lot to do with using Durabrite paper as well, i think. I know this gives a matte/semi gloss finish and that is why i am getting an R300 for glossy prints, but will still print with my C84 as long as i am in an environment that is tap free !

Hope this helps.


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Something not advertised, but true.. The Canon printers, if printing on Canon glossy media or high resolution paper, is also water proof. I did a test a few months back with a bottle of water, submerging a few images in for a whole day. No bleeding. Though the high resolution sample, which is a coated plain paper type, was a little worse for wear. Ink water proof, paper not. But the glossys held up quite well.

Surprised Canon does not advertise this fact.
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Very odd, I use a c80(durabright ink)to print flyers and borchurs, and some of them get nailed to posts outdoors. They seem to survive quite fine, (on regular photocopier paper).

I also tested my Ultrachrome ink by soaking a few prints and they also survived withoutbad ink effects. Some of the papers did swell up as they absorbed the water.

For images on the 2200(UltraChrome ink), I use mostly Epsons enhanced matt, water color, Perl,and Velvet fine art papers, matching paper to desired output.

I did try another brand of canvas paper and while it printed great, the ink washed off easily.

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PeterP, yes, on bond paper, the Durabrite ink seems to hold up well. I bought some of the Glossy 4x6 Photo Paper (SO41671)which says that "it is suitable for C80 printers". I have not tried a Durabrite paper.I guess the ink is absorbed into bond paper while it lays on top of glossy paper.

Thank you Stevekin for your extensive test. It sounds like the operation was successful, but the patient died.

Mayhem, what Canon printer are you using?
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