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I had an HP 3820 that broke down after only a year. After looking on the internet to see if anyone else had the same problem and had managed to fix it, I was shocked to find that everyone had the same problem. Apparently this HP model is classed as 'disposible', and does not last more than a year and a half (even during light usage), after which you are supposed to just bin it!

Some Americans I talked to thought that this was acceptable, afterall they had 'only paid $50 or less for their printer' (the ones I talked to didn't even consider the environmental impact of adopting this horrible throw-away mentality).

But living on a small European Island, I had to pay three times more than the average American price (also I got mine when it was only just released in Europe, which meant no bargains were available). I paid about $200 I think, going by the exchange rate back then. That's a lot, just to throw away after a year of light use. Plus it cost $100 to refill it with ink. I'm not going to consider HP for a long time.

Anyway, I have an Canon ip4000 on order (due in ten days hopefully); I'm paying 186€ ($226). Is this printer likely to stop working any time soon? For comparision, how long do the i560/i860 printers generally last for?

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I had owned a Canon S800 for a year and now an i9100 which I bought the first week it was out. Both printers were used pretty heavily from time to time, but average a medium load. I have yet to have any problems with my i9100. The only reason I got rid of the S800 it to get the i9100. I printed some 200 4x6 prints pretty much continuously overa 1-1/2 hour period and my i9100 never faltered. The only time it stopped was to ask for ink or if there was nothing to print.
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