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I just got the Canon i9900 because I needed quality and speed. I'm not a digital photographer, primarily graphic design and business graphics with a mix of photos.

I've been doing it for a very long time and have an EXTREMELY critical eye.

I know the i9900 is geared more towards photo printing, which means it might not be the best for business graphics, but I figured it should still give me some really good proofs. Out of the box, it works great! Printed some 13x19s so fast, I couldn't do anything else on the side.

What I've found is that the "Standard" quality mode works well for most of my needs. UNFORTUNATELY, even after doing the simple alignment and manual alignments, I can't get rid of some very subtle banding.

This does not show up when printing photos, mind you. Too difficult to see there. However, with graphics - where you will typically have single colors over greater areas, you can definitely see the banding.


1. SHOULD I expect banding in "Standard" mode. Is the "High" quality mode absolutely needed to get rid of banding.

2. Using the alignment procedure, in each column of the test patterns, there isn't a single block that is perfect. I can see subtle banding. Is this normal? I've included an attachment for reference. (please zoom in to see effect. depending on your gamma, especially LCD displays, you may not see it. very subtle)

Sure I can print in high-quality mode all the time, but 1) it would be nice if I didn't have to, in order to conserve ink and 2) need to know if this banding is atypical and I should return the printer.

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated.


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The box doesn't have to be perfect. Just select the one that has the least banding.
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Thanks for the response. Yes, I understand that. However, because of the banding issues with my print-outs in "Standard" quality mode (again, I stress, very subtle but would instantly give away that it came from an inkjet), I'm hoping others with the i9900 can confirm whether this is normal.

Oh, I forgot to mention... I'm doing all prints with double-sided matte paper. Not using photo paper of any kind, glossy or otherwise.

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When printing out the print head alignment page on my i9100 and my old S800, I also have some degree on banding when printing on plain paper. This is normal. The reasonfor this banding is the ink isplaced on the page in such away thatit would be absorbed andbleeds togetherwhen using photo paper for a smooth appearance. Buton plainpaper, the ink is placed andreally does not bleedbecause there is not have the layers that photo paper does.
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