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I am a novice to digital photography, and need some help. I haverecently bought a Nikon D70 and I'm trying to find a suitable printer for popping out quick family snapshots. We already had an HP7350, which can print 4x6 prints. While I have liked the look of these pictures, its a pain because you have to load the paper a page at a time, and it doesn't feed correctly many times. I've also had a lot of wasted pictures because the misfeed or have other problems.

After a lot of positive reviews on the Epson PictureMate, I picked one up a few days ago. While I love the simplicity of its use, I find the pictures to look washed out compared to what I see on the screen, and what the HP printer produces. By washed out, I mean the colors aren't as full and vibrant. The odd thing is that the test photo on the picture looks great. All of the reviews that I've read say this picture is great, and has vibrant pictures. Since this HP printer is pretty low-end, I assume something is wrong that I'm doing.

I'm printing mostly from Photoshop 7, and I'm not doing anything special. I am a novice with profiles and such. I don't find any settings in the printer driver to improve things. It looks to me like the screen and HP match pretty closel, and the PictureMate is washed out.

Anyone have an idea what I could do to improve this. I need something that will be repeatable hopefully, because the whole point of this was to just pop pictures out quickly.

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are you printing from the computer when using the picturmate?

How does it look when you use it stand alone. without a computer. whatever you see on the printed index is what should be coming out. I have printed on the hp and the epson alot. Their prints are almost identical. Except the epson picteres has slightly richer colors. but yea, it shouldn't look washed out.
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