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Default Quote off the web today 10/11/02

The consumer printer business is a "razor blades" business model, where the cost of the initial purchase is low, but margins on the consumables are high.
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Tell me about it. I bought a small stand alone label printer a year ago for $20.00 after rebate. Yesterday I bought my first ribbon refill for $15.00. And I don't even want to get into how much I spend on ink for my main printer.
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HP is known as the "ink company" and for good reasons. Like cellphones, inkjet printers are sold as close to cost as possible to sell ink and paper. I'd bet that the average digicam-addict spends about the same amount on consumables as what the printer cost.

But hey, it's still more fun than just going up to the photo counter and picking up your prints. I'd much rather print my own and know what I'm getting ...

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I have been using the refill system for my cartridges for the last year. The quality of my pics are as good as with new HP cartridges. I can purchase 8oz bottles ( the three colors) for about $25 which includes shipping. I can refill the cartridge about 10 times. It has taken some practice and analysis to determine how much of each color to fill. 10 HP78 cartridges is $300. I also refill the black HP45 black cartridge. The 8oz bottle of black is $12. I can only refill the black about 6 times per bottle. I have one syringe and neddle for each color. The real trick with refilling is not to overfill and ruin the cartridge.
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