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I recently experienced a serious clogged print head on the black nozzle. Researching on the web provided some valuable tips using Windex window cleaning solution (ammonia). I also stumbled across a very useful free software utility (SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus Printers) which I think will be of interest to many Epson Printer owners.
I found that the option this software offers to run the head cleaning on just one selected color very valuable since the standard head cleaning routine in the Epson utility wastes expensive ink by pumping ink on all heads even if only one is clogged.
Another valuable feature is the chip reset – research has found that 25-45% of the ink remains in the cartridge when the Epson Monitor indicates the cartridge is empty.
I had some old cartridges waiting to go for recycling and tried the reset function and it worked perfectly on my Epson Photo 870, I've already printed 30 more pages with a set of reset cartridges.

The SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus Printers available free from http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml well worth checking out.

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I have the c82 and all of my nozzles are clogged, now. One after the other they stopped working. I tried the cleaning fluid injected with syringe and cleaning the waste pad, but it still doesn't work. I suspect it is actually a pump or tube clog that causes these problems. I use the printer frequently, but not heavily and change the ink when it indicates I should. I only use Epson ink of which I now have a useless $100 worth. I think I may stay away from Epson although the R200 looks interesting, but I hear it has the same problem. My C82 was about 10 months old.
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Hi What most usersdon't knowis that cleaning print heads with Windex is only part of the solution (Windex mixed with pigment ink will actually thicken the ink).

If you flush with Windex, then flush with water to remove it. Leave the water in the gallery and immediately replace the ink tank, that way you won't have an air bubble problem. Wrap a long piece of paper towel under the print head and dampen it, slowly draw the head back and forth until the ink is flowing. If this works and still no print the print head is stuffed.

As an inkjet ink manufacturer I come across this problem all the time, usually by the time help is sought it is too late and the heads are cooked
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