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When I print pictures on my i950 I get banding on any setting but the plain paper setting which produces excellent pictures on any kind of paper. I used to get good pictures using the better paper settings, but in the last month or so I have been having the banding problems. The banded pictures have a yellow cast. :sad:
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I've seen a slight banding on a demo i960 which was caused by the paper type selection in the driver setup, as you are experiencing. In that case using Kodak premium paper and the "glossy photo paper" setting exhibited the slight banding while using "glossy plus photo paper" setting did not.

Just looking at that result, here is my GUESS onhow the printhead on thei950 and i960 printers work and maybe a possible fix for your problem: I think that theheating elements for the 3072 nozzles (512 for each color) are electrically connected in a matrix fashion. A high resistance electrical contact for the printhead could make a group of nozzles controlled by that contact not fire as well as the other nozzles resulting is a slightly different resultant color thus resulting in banding.

Try removing your printhead and reinstalling it about 3 times (no need to reinstall the ink cartridges for each time) to hopefully refresh the electrical contacts and see if your problem is resolved. If still the same and you get to a point of last resort, try this. Remove the printhead and using a very soft eraser like a pink pearl type, gently erase the contacts on the printer side and on the printhead. Be sure all debris is cleared off and install the printhead into the printer and see what happens. Do NOT use the eraser on pencils as they are too abrasive!!! Use only the soft erasers that work really well in erasing paper, as opposed to the junk erasers on pencils that harden and make the paper black!!!

While working as a computer tech, we used to "erase" contacts to fix "certain" problems and it is known working procedure. I like the really soft white eraser that is about the size of a round pencil that goes in a plastic housing. There is a slider that allows feeding the eraser out as it is consumed.

If you try this, please post your results as it would be VERY helpful to know. Good luck, Skylark
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