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Hi, i have found a store that are doing the HP95 (7ml) and 97 (14ml) cartridges for a decent price. I am trying to decide which ones to stock up on for my new HP Photosmart 375. Does anyone know how long I can safely keep one unopened, and once opened, if I don't print anything for say 6weeks, is the cartrige affected in anyway.

Lastly I have looked everywhere but cant get an estimate on how many 6x4 picutres the 7ml cartridge will print.

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Hi there! While there may be others out there more qualified to answer this question, I do not recommend "stocking up" on ink cartridges unless you are planning to print a lot of pictures.

General rule of thumb is that you should use the cartridge up by the printed expiration date on the package. Keeping it much longer may affect the quality of the ink, and depending on your storage conditions (humidity and/or heat) the cartridge could dry up.

The best advice I can offer is that you go on Ebay and buy ONLY what you will need. There are *many* sellers out there that are selling HP premium ink and if you are an experienced Ebay buyer, you can get it at the right price. Even if you are not experienced at buying on Ebay, you can still save money!

I wish you the best. BTW I'd be leery if the prices are that good from this store. Inquire about the expiration dates! It could expire within 2 months!


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Another good reason to just buy what you need. If you get a cartridge that fails before the expire date on the package, HP will replace it. (keep your packaging when you install a new cartridge so you have all the numbers.) Many 3rd party companies will do the same.


I've noticed that expiry dates are getting shorter on cartridges. Most of what I buy in stores or online have at most 2-3 years of shelf life on them. I've had real problems with HP Pro 2500 cartridges and print heads drying out early. One of my users did the "stock up" and flushed about $500 worth of print heads that way. They would not work and HP would not replace them.
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