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Default Canon S820, i850 or HP 7350?

I love this place! I discovered it when I was trying to figure out which digital camera to get. I bought the Olympus D-520Z. After reading reviews here, I thought it was within my capabilities to use for a price I could afford. Now for the printer...

I've read the reviews for the Canon S820 and HP 7350. However Canon has the new i850 out.

I'm a novice here. I would like good photo printing, but would also like to have a printer that can print regular stuff well.

Does anyone here have an i850? Does anyone know if it prints as well as the S820?

The 7350 has the card reader, but is slower and I believe uses more ink. Don't know if I can replace the printhead myself or not on this printer.

Canons are (should be) fast and use less ink and I can replace the print head myself. S820 is 6 color, i850 is 3.

Any real world advice for me on choosing my printer?

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Try this link for a comparison between the i850 and the Canon S900 (which is very similar to the S820).
The i850 is very new but seems to give very nearly as good photo quality as the S820 and the HP 7350 (you should also look at the 7150 and the 5550).

On HP printers the print heads are are integral part of the cartridge.

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HP has dropped the price of the HP 7350 to $199. Office depot has it for that price and will give you anoter 10% off if you bring in an old printer, working or not. I bought the HP 5550 a couple months ago and it has the same quality as the the HP 7350 except you can not print directly from the media. The cost at Office Depot is $149 plus you can get the 10% off. The HP 7350 or the HP5550 provide excellent pics.
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