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I've been printing some mailers for my wife on a paper stock that's 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches on an HP Photosmart 1215 (feeding the long side into the printer.

This did not work well at first, because the paper tray was not designed to put any pressure on the end of the paper (paper not long enough). As a result, it tended to move backwards in the tray, resulting in skewing, jamming, etc., pretty often (it was a chore to print with this paper). I eventually got it working "OK" if I was very careful about loading it just right and paying attention to the paper during the print process (gently pressing it back into the tray when it started to move backwards).

Well, my HP Photosmart 1215 decided to fail this morning (hard failure -- pieces of plastic being spit out of the printer). Something caughtsomeplastic prongs in the paper feed path and broke them off (I think the paper was supposed to feed over them when they raised up, and it pushed through them). :sad:

It wasn't *really* desiged to be feeding this kind of paper stock anyway.

Does anyone know of a printer that would feed non-standard paper sizes -- with some kind of printer tray that allows pressure to be placed on both sides of the paper, as well as the end of the paper-- so that I've got the 5 1/4 inch width in the middle of the tray -- feeding the longer 8 1/4 inch length into the paper path?

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