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StevenZ Nov 12, 2004 4:03 PM

I've decided it's time I purchased a good large format printer. I've been looking at the Canon i9900 versus Epson 2200. style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"If anybody has used these two products, I'd like to hear their thoughts and opinions about both. Thanks!

pep9454 Nov 21, 2004 1:35 PM

I'm a professional photographer and I just got the i9900. I've made one print on it with the new Kodak Professional paper. WOW!:cool:

With my calibrated monitor, a retouched head shot was actually better and more realistic than what I get from my digital lab.

I'm shooting a beauty pageant next week and I'm going to output small packages in my hotel room so I won't have to fool with shipping, handling and the extra stuff. I"m offering a 13 x 19 portrait for $75.00. That's about $50 off my studio price, but it'll save me around $6 over what a 16 x 20 would have cost from my lab. Not counting employee time to prep and print, I'll see about $72.50 gross profit. It'd be great to sell 100 of them!

I've made one 13 x 19 and it printed so fast, I thought I'd hit 'standard' instead of 'high quality' on the print dialog box.

I'm going to really use this for quick output and to charge a premium for faster service. Canon's done a great job!

PeterP Nov 21, 2004 1:54 PM

They are both excellent printers and the Canon is on the fast side :-)

pep9454: have you worked out what it actually costs you in paper & ink to make one 13*19? I think I worked mine out a while back to be about 10$cdn a 13*19sheet using Epsons FineArt Velvet paper on the 2200. Forquick results or very quick in the Canons case, these printers are hard to beat. If speed is not so important Costco is hard to beat, they offer 12*18 output on Fuji Chrystal Archive paper in 1hour forabout 5$cdn.The drawback is you have to make a trip to a Costco.

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