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Default Canon S900 vs I850 vs HP 722C

I have a HP 722C inkjet that does a good all around job. I am seriously considering buying the Canon S900 or I850. Has anyone experienced the 722C and how does it compare to the S900 or I850.
If you have experience with just the S900 or I850 I would love to hear what you have to say.
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I am not familiar with the HP 722C but I assume that it is a general purpose 4 colour printer using Photoret 2 or 3 for printing photographs. If this is correct, it's print quality on photographs is likely to be significantly worse than a specialist 6 colour photoprinter like the Canon S900 (and the HP 1350 and the Epson 825/925 to name just a few). However, it is almost certainly better than these printers for text.

Four colour printers normally produce visible dots in areas of solid light colours, like the sky. This is because they have to space the dots further apart to get the required shade. 6 colour printers overcome this problem by using light magenta and light cyan inks to get good dot coverage over these types of areas.

The Canon i850 is a very new printer that, although it is only 4 colour, uses a very small drop size. It therefore apears to produce very nearly as good photo quality as a 6 colour printer. Here is a post from somebody who has both an i850 and a S900.

I hope that this helps.

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i've had the epson 600 the epson 980 had to do alot of cleaninof the heads if i didn't use it every day brought the canon s900 and
love the printer sharp detail sat of colors is great and i have the oly 2.1 meg 2100 camrea the 8x10 of the s900 is great. was sold on epson but canon has show epson up.
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Default Canon Printer

I have a Canon S800 the S900 is a newer version of the S800 I buy the Canon Photo Pro Paper and also increase the default output setting for print quailty to 1 the default is 2. Doing this I would put my prints from the Olympus 3040 camera printed on the S800 up against prints done from a photo lab.
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The cannon printers have much newer technology than the 722c. There is no comparison between the printers.
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