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Hi, right now it seems like one can get either of the two for about the same price...so if the 7960 is 8 ink and the 8150 is 6, is the 7960 the better "deal."..i know it is "old" technology...but are the newer print cartridges really better? Thoughts appreciated....I know how this forum seems to love the Pixma's but I sometimes go several weeks in between printings and like the idea of the cartridge/head HP thing...less to worry about, though more costly. Thanks
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I don't really know if the new inks in the HP 8X series are better - but I would suspect that the 7960 with 8 colors would beat the 8150 for quality. I think the newer 8x series is faster than the 7x series. There were some complaints about the 'starwheel' marks that were left on the paper with the HP 7x series - don't know how big of a problem it is (afterall compainers on the internet seem to magnify problems exponentially). I suspect it is not a big deal.

I have a HP 8450 and a Canon i950 - I mainly got the HP for B&W prints (Canon remains utterly useless when it comes to doing neutral B&W printing). I could have settled on the 8150 but I thought well for only $100 more I can have the HP 8450.

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time lately to play with either printer.
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The last Hp printer I purchased was the 7960. This printer gobbles up ink like a starved King Kong. I have a dye-sub P440 Olympus that I use on locations. The best thing about the dye-sub is when you run out of paper you run out of ink ribbon. In the process you get smooth uninterrupted beautfil prints. 8x10s in a true 77 seconds.

The 7960 prints are beautiful. So much so, that I was out looking at another Hp, but with a less appetite for ink. I believe there has been a slight improvement with the later model hp8150 and 8450 etc with the individual ink cartrigages oppose to the single cartrigages with the 7960. A lot less costlier at one time.
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