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Tucker wrote:
Vincent from photo-i UK (by far the best printer reviewer) said by increasing density 10% in drivers he got results as good or better than most everything else. So, there is that... He also pointed out smaller droplets can more than compensate for light inks, as his first 4 color 2pl beat his 4pl 6 color.
Where is the density setting in the US drivers?
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In the manula color settings. You can also save the settings to a profile or make them default.
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iSAPS Guy wrote:
:blah:The Canon ip6000d still produces a wider gamut of colors. The PM and PC ink is still part of the 6 color printing standard. Skin tones are still slightly better on the 6 color. Still, I bought an IP5000 because of the 1 picolitre droplet and 9600x2400 dpi! It's hard to see a lot of difference. Plus, with the BCI-3 black, I get the high yield of text printing and the extra speed from this printer! Go for it!
Why do you reccomend the ip6000d? According to this site the i960 has 3,072 print nozzles where the ip6000d has only 1,536 nozzles. Or to make it more simple the ip6000 has only 256 nozzles/tank where the i960 has 512/tank (unless i'm sadly mistaken).

Do you have any explanation why canon decided to go with an smaller head on a photo printer, and how something 2 years old is faster?

Also why did you describe the ip5000 as a hybrid?
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I have both the ip6000d and the ip5000. After much testing it seems a no brainer. If you do not need the stand alone aspects of the ip6000d, get the ip5000. I have found more acurate colors, and when printing the same image from both printers at their respective best qualities (ie: custom #1), the ip5000 has a much sharper detailed image -noticable even on a 4x6 print. I did have to use the vivid option with the ip5000 to increase the intensity as others have said though, and found this better then raising the intensity level itself by 10%. I know some here have said that the ip6000d still has a better gamut with it's 6 inks , but I have not found that to be true. In fact there is a distinct red push in the 6000d that can be seen in items that should be white. Now all that said, I am fairly cretain that with enough calibrating these printers should be able to be made to look very similar gamut wise, but again there is no excaping the increased detail and crispness of the ip5000. The 1 pl absolutely makes up for the now 2 unneeded ink cartiridges. Add to thatthe fact thatit is faster, has dedicated large black ink for test, and has better defined text... and there you have it... a no brainer. Buy.com has it for $149.00 minus $20 rebate = $129... a bargain!!!

Now, the real question is how will the ip5000 stack up against the new 1 pl ip4200 with it's new inks and papers due out in August... Hummm a new thread I do see...
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