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Been meaning to get a photo printer for a while and am finally getting around to doing the research. However,even though I have been researching them as best I can, I am still unsure which one to get. Although, the Canon PIXMA iP4000 is at (or near) the top.

Was told I should get the Epson Stylus R200. Is cheap and good I'm told. Upon looking at the Canon's I decided upon the PIXMA iP3000 and iP4000. And recently while at Staples, I was told to look at the HP's. Possibly either the PhotoSmart 7450, 7660, or 7760 (believe I like the latter two the most). Although these are the ones I am looking at closely, I am open to other suggestions.

Heres the deal. I just want to use it to print photos. I have a laser printer for text and although I could use this one I am sure for non-photo stuff, I think I might just use this $28 HP printer from Walmart that I have just been too lazy to return. I will not be plugging a camera into it to print from. It'll be getting its jobs straight from the computer. Even though printing to CD's sounds nice, I really do not plan to do it anytime soon. Basically all the bells and whistles of the expensive printers being able to do everything, I do not need (at least I don't think I do). I would prefer to spend no more than $150, however, willing to pay a little more if it is worth paying more.

I am somewhat hesitant to get the Epson since I have heard horror stories with their printheads. Canon seems safer in this regard (although I would like to know how much a replacement runs), however the HP I am sure is the absolute safest as far as printheads go. However, what is causing me to be hesitant to get the HP (or at least was until today) is the fact that all the ink is one cartridge.

In the end though, I want to get the most bang for my buck...in both ink and hardware. Canon ink seems cheaper (seperately), but will I notice a big difference in money if I went to the HP's single cartridge?

Sorry if this isa lot of information, just trying to give you an idea of where I'm at in my search for a photo printer. Probably overthinking or over researching this stuff, but I am going to be keeping this thing for a while and won't be buying this for a few weeks anyhow...so between now and then just trying to figure out which one to get.

Thank you.
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It isn't just the separate colors, but the tank size and dye strength. The Canon printers with the separate tanks are probably a third or less the cost of ink compared to HP. This is a cost comparison – scroll down to color and text: http://www6.tomshardware.com/consume...rinter-10.html

The heads aren't cheap, but you can remove the Canon heads and soak them in very hot water – that usually clears them up without replacement. If you plan to print a lot the Canon tanks are relatively easy to refill and there is good ink available for them.

If you aren't going to be using the inkjet for text I think the iP4000 is the wrong printer for you. The photo printers with photo magenta and photo cyan give better photo prints. The ideal narrow format printer is the iP8500 for photos. It is pricey for a narrow format printer though. The Canon i960 might be a good choice at about $100 less street price. The iP8500 gives a little better prints though. The Epson R300 is also a nice photo printer and reasonably priced, but you have to be careful to print something on a regular basis so the heads don't clog. Chips in the tanks increase the refill difficulty if you are interested in doing that.

If price is no object consider the Canon i9900. It has the same print quality as the iP8500 in wide format. 13X19 prints look great on the wall.

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I have an Epson R300, which I am completely satisified with. The prints from this printer are better than what you get from any photo developer you send your pics to. I just purchased my son-in-law a R200 for Christmas. Same printer, but does not have the card reader. Bought it from newegg.com for $80.00. Best price around.:-)
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You're well-informed - you're just in what can be a confusing market with too many choices.

I had the same requirements - quality, low cost, and keeping it simple with no text, duplexing, lcd screens, CD printing - and after months of over-researching and over-thinking it myself, I finally went with the Canon i960 when the new Pixmas didn't impress me in look or design.

The i960 has the best reputation for quality, low cost, and speed, and I got it with rebates at tigerdirect.com.The downside is the fading issue, which depends on where you live, and made me think maybe I should've gone for the R300, but the color is better with the Canon, and it's just what I wanted - a great intro photo printer. For now I'll get some frames and self-sealing sleeves, and in five years they'll have a printer of this quality that won't fade anymore than photo lab prints.

Here's a good overview of the same question.


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I have the R300 and I'm very satisfied with the photo prints.
At first I was skeptical about results being as good or better than photo lab prints, but let me tell you it's quite True. I think any of the recent printers Canon, HP or Epson will give you good results, it's then picking the pros and cons between them that decides which one you should get.

The R300 was cheap, because of Epson's rebate(check their site). Difference between R200 and R300, it has USB 2.0, mem card reader and direct print with camera.
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Well, I am told that the R300 is a really good printer... however, I am running Win98SE and although it prints the Nozzle jet test from the windows tray, it will no print anything for any program. SO I can t give you my opinion on it. At this point I am unsure if it is a printer or operating system problem.
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