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There are 3 serious contenders when it comes to buying an allround photo-printer (Meaning it'll be ok at text, graphics in addition to photo).

Now, the various companies has different qualities, which make it difficult to compare the printers. Canon might print that image the best, while Epson might print another image way better etc.

It's more of, not getting the very best in all circumstances, as it is of.. "You can't go wrong with printer ??"

If you're serious about you photography, but not exactly professional..

What would be the best printer you can buy? (Up to "A4" size), when it comes to photos (with ok text as well), counting both Monochrome and Colour Prints. Not really comparing the cost of the printer, as in.. You should buy Canon PIXMA, because it's way cheaper than Epson, and produces ALMOST as decent prints)

Producing print you would be able to sell, without having to use a Professional lab to make the print (Using a printer would be faster, as well as you having more direct control of the way the photo look), which you wouldn't feel bad about selling.

Epson R200 or R800, Canon PIXMA iP4000, HP ???
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HP all the way.

I have an HP 990 CSE which prints tack sharp (if I shoot tack sharp!!!).

Epson, Canon both good but small (and individual) ink cartridgesdo not impress me.

Also, I give the nod to HP for longevity. My printer is 4 years old and prints the same as it did the first day. In fact, I now have a "backup" 990 CSE if the primary should ever fail.

HP ink does take longer to dry. Allow for it.

HP 990 CSE cannot print directly from a memory card as many newer printers can now. Not a big feature IMHO.

Alternative:...put your photo that you want to sell on a CD and let your customer print the photo!

"Kodak moment" :idea:
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Well, my old HP Photosmart 1215 just "bit the dust"recently (actually spitting out pieces of plastic from the front), after many reams of paper through it over it's lifespan....

It's probably my fault. I was having a lot of trouble with jamming (printing some non-standard card stock), and I probably broke it when pulling out some of the stuck paper aftera jam.

So, after careful consideration, reading the reviews, etc., I went with the Canon Pixma iP4000 to replace it.

My thoughts:

I like it's dual feed system, and my wife needs to print a lot of heavy card stock mailers in a non-standard size. The front paper feed on my HP had problems with this stock, with a lot of jams, skewsand misfeeds.

The new Pixma is working perfectly so far (not a misfeed, jamor skewed print yet with her card stock using the feed from the back).

The Canon is a fast printer. It tests much faster than competing printers in it's class.

The ink cost per page is *much* lower with the Canon based on comparisons I've seen. Also, generic ink cartridges are readily available to lower your costs even more (i.e., MIS Associates inkfor one).

I haven't had it very long yet. But, initial impressions are that it will work fine for my limited needs.

Now, it doesn't have all the "bells, whistles and buzzers" my old HP had (card readers, automatic paper type sensor, automatic head alignment, etc.). So, I do miss those features.

But, it's not *that* hard for me to do these things manually (align the heads, set it to the paper type I'm using).The ink cost savings, as well as it's ability to feed my wife's non-standard paper stock without skewing or jamming is worth it to me.

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