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I've been lurking here for a bit, thanks for all the great info everyone, what a great forum.

I plan on getting a FZ20 for Christmas. Please review my notes and point out my errors and by all means give recommendations!

My thoughts so far:

1) Dye-Sub: the HiTi 730 looks great in that it does up to 6x8. No 8x10 but that may be a rarity anyway. But some reviewers state that the pics can lack depth due to no true black 'ink'. Expensive at a bit over $300.

2) Epson: pretty good reviews and the ink is water resistant, which would seem like a good thing with children grabbing the pics.

3) Canon: a popular option on the forums. The review on www.photo-i.co.uk of the ip8500 listed serious issues with the red, esp. on fleshtones. I'm not sure if that is a issue across the line or not. Ink doesn't appear to be water resistant.

4) HP: some real good reviews and has excellent B&W photo capability.

I started off Canon, then changed to Dye Sub due to great forum feedback, then thought Epson with hardy ink/paper and cheaper would be good, now I am thinking HP with the great B&W option. Help! Not sure on cost of running each line and I believe they all do borderless up to the max paper size.

I know there are no perfect answers, but if I am missing anything before I plunk down my cash let me know.


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With the dye-sub you are very limited on the paper type you can use, other than that they make very good prints.

I have Epson (2200, C80) and HP(1120c) printers and like them all.

We use the C80 to make flyer's to nail outdoors and they do stand up well.

We tried using the HP for that, and it inks washed off in the rain, and except for the black ink(which is pigment)the images vanished under the sun in store windows in less thana month.

Canonsproduce good output and are very fast printers.
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I have an 8.5 X 11 print from my iP4000 on Canon Pro paper with original ink I was doing resolution tests on. It was printed 2 days ago so the ink is dry. I just submerged about a third of it in a pot of water and left it there 5 minutes or so. Then I pulled it out and wiped it off with a paper towel. There was no smearing of any kind and no ink came off on the towel. The paper buckled a little at the border of where it was submerged, but other than that it looks just like it did before the dunking. I doubt fingerprints could be a factor unless they were handled immediately after printing. The 8500 uses the same ink and paper.

I'm not necessarily recommending the Canon – just pointing out that the prints are reasonably waterproof after they dry. Much better at that than my old HP printer.

I do have both a S9000 wide format and the iP4000. Both do very nice fleshtones. They also both accept profiles if you want to slightly reduce the red.

The last time I checked the i9900 was only a hundred bucks more than the 8500. Same heads, print quality and ink in a wide format printer. Big prints look great on the wall. Last time I looked I thought the iP8500 to be a little overpriced. Of course the i9900 is quite large.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning towards the HP 8450 because I would like to do fair amount of black and white prints. Great to have everyone as a resource.

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