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:cart: Hi all, my first post on this website so please don't be too rough with me!

I'm after an Ink-Jet Printer to replace my old Epson Stylus Photo 1200. The new replacement must be first and foremost compatible with Mac OS 10.3.6 and the usual software i.e. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Freehand, Flash, Dreamweaver and last but not least Freeway.

Because of the diversity of my design work the printer will have to be able to cope well with both text and imagery.

I'm not over technically aware of issues about Postscript, colour accuracy, memory, speed etc., but I do know that I had to install a postscript rip with the Epson to handle EPS files through QuarkXPress! And that some printers are postscript ready!. I guess that the rest of the technical issues would be reflected on price.

Talking of which, the budget for my printer is £129.75... only kidding, it's probably in the region of about £400. As for the consumerbles, as long as I don't have to remortgage the house every quarter to pay for them.

Oh, I use a Macintosh G5 Dual with a Mitsubishi Super Bright Diaondtron screen, just in case it makes any difference.

I would appreciate any feedback on the subject.

Many thanks


P.S. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Very Merry New Year.
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If you are selling the prints you might consider the Epson 2100. It uses pigmented inks and they will last on display longer than dye based inks. Actually the inks used in the 2100 have tiny solid particles suspended in dye. The dye will fade over time but the color particles won't as much. It is also my impression that maybe the pigmented inks will give better text, but the Epson pigmented photo black is a long way from a pigmented black in a general purpose printer. I think it would be over your budget. The US version is the Epson 2200 in Steve's reviews. Basically the same printer but the 2100 prints on CDs. The Epson R800 is a narrow format that uses pigmented ink.

People are getting decent display longevity with dye based printers using some of the newer papers. Kodak is claiming 100 years for its Ultima paper: http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/rese...etPhotos.shtml There are other papers that swell with the ink that give good life. I have read that some of these types of paper pool ink a little – I haven't tried them. It is too easy to just reprint a picture if I ever have to – but then again I don't sell them. The regular photographic process is purely dye based, so it isn't impossible to get longevity.

You get more snap to the pictures with a dye based printer. Based on the exchange rate and current US prices you might be able to land a Canon i9900 within your budget. It has the best photo quality currently available IMO and is wide format. If you want a standard sized printer the Canon iP8500 has the same system and comparable quality. The Canon printers are also several times as fast as most other photo printers. Take a look at Steve's review: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_...non_i9900.html I doubt you will find a less expensive wide format printer that would be a substantial improvement over what you already have.

I think most photo printers mix the colors to get a pure black for text. They have a photo black that is mostly for grays. The Epson 2100 has an optional matte black cartridge that might be darker and useable for text on a graphic. I have an older version of the i9900 and it does good black text on images.

I think all of the current printers support Mac, but not all of the additional software will work with all Mac versions. You can check the manufacturer's sites. The Canon 9900 will attach to a Mac either Firewire of USB2. I think the Adobe applications put a PostScript printer in the printer folder – at least they do with Windows. Canon printers are generally more frugal with ink, but the Canon Pro paper is pricey.

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Hello BeanieCheese, I'm in the same boat you are; graphic designer looking for a good 13x19 format inkjet printer that's able to print photos and text well in OS X. I'm curious to know whether you ended up getting the Canon i9900 or not? If so, how is it working?
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