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Hi All,

I need a printer that meets the belowreqirements. It should have a slot in the printer where I caninstall a compact flash card taken out of my camera and make prints directly fromphoto infoon the card.

The printer should be able to use the cheaper generic ink cartridges available on many web sites.

The printer must be able to makeexcellent photos that match commercial prints.

I am looking at the under $250 price range with Canon or Epson printers in mind.

Who has purchased a printer exactly as described above and are very satisfiyed with it? Please get back with me directly on this as I need the printer now. My old printer has finally given up the ghost. Contact: [email protected] Thanks, Tom

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If it is to be your only printer and you intend printing a lot of text, a photo printer without a large pigmented black cartridge is going to get pricey for ink. The Epson R300 lets you swap out the photo black for a pigmented black cartridge for text, but it is a small cartridge. That might be sufficient for you if you don't do a lot of text.

If your main use is as a general-purpose printer and you also want to print good photos I would recommend something like a Canon iP4000 or iP5000. Photos are quite good and they also have a large pigmented black cartridge. Buy.com had the iP4000 for $122 with free shipping, which would leave some money to blow an extra $18 for a separate card reader.

Generic ink cartridges are a little cheaper for the Canons because they don't have a chip in the cartridge that has to be reproduced. You have to be careful with cheap cartridges for the newer printers with tiny dot sizes. I have read some posts by people who clogged their printers with them. Canon has the advantage of being able to remove the print heads so you can soak them in hot water or ammonia, which usually clears them. There are cartridges with quality inks that won't clog your heads, but they are pricier than the really cheap ones. I have always refilled my ink cartridges on Canon and HP printers with good quality ink with good results. It is more hassle than just buying cheap cartridges, but it comes out to be very inexpensive and the results are good. Canon has a big advantage there because Epsons stop printing when their chip says a cartridge is empty. Canon printers directly measure the ink, so all you have to do is refill the cartridge without messing with resetting a chip.

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