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I'm not sure if this is anyone's trouble, but all should know that US and Canadian Pixma printers have CD/DVD direct printing disabled.

The ones from Europe and Asia don't have this problem.

It seems that Epson has some sort of patent that only applies to the US, and that's why we have the problem here. Many of us are currently trying to find a way around this.

My personal first solution was to buy a UK model.
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I've been able to print to the canon ip4000 CD tray using other program like word, Acoustica CD label maker.etc. The trick I found is that when you click PRINT, (in print property) make sure to select PRINTABLE DISC for media type, this automatically select the CD-tray as paper source, then select PREVIEW BEFORE PRINT option, this allow you to see if the printing data would position correctly over the CDR printable area... actually this is only possible for program that allow you to offset the graphics up/down left/right (such as the two program I mention earlier, I am sure program like ADOBE PHOTOSHOP would allow this two, I would create a template for people who want it but I dont have that program)

But take Word for example, just use enter to shift printing data down and space to push it to the right.
YOu will have to repeat quite a few time to get the position correctly, but once you do that will be the template for your future CDR print..

I hope what I said make sense or at least help out in some way. This is my thanks to you guy for helping me with my decision to buy this printer.

Oh, And as a comparison - this printer does not print as good a picture as an epson C65 on plain paper, not sure about on quality photo paper but on plain paper it just not as good as the Epson. However it is much faster though.

That's it for me.
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beg your pardon, I did not read other people post, I just realise I was only repeating what Azzkikr1337 said above.

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have been following thread. have new pro 9000 printer, USA config.
used button sequence for 8500 to turn on cd print function, also used regedit to update registry. All works great, thank to everyone.

Looking for a tray E . or prints for it. none on ebay

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