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Default Printer for G2: Canon 900 vs Canon S830D

I have a Canon G2 camera and plan to buy a photoprinter. I am probably going to get either the Canon 900 or the S830D. As far as I can tell from the reviews the print quality is similar, the 900 is faster and the 830 supports printing directly from the camera. I have not seen any comments as to whether the 830D support of Exif 2.2 does actually improve print quality from cameras (such as the G2) that support that standard.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, are printhead clogging problems worse with the 900 than the 830 since there are more apertures in the 900 printhead?
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The S900 has EXIF 2.2 support in the driver. EXIF support is more important if you are printing direct from the camera or a card because you don't have the ability to make adjustments on your PC. I think that only simple print programs like Easy Photo Print use the EXIF data when printing. You wouldn't want to use it if you are printing out of something like Photoshop because you would then get two sets of adjustments and what you see on your screen would be different to what is printed.

If you don't need to print direct from a camera or card, there is no point in getting the S830D - get the S820 and save money.

I cannot answer your question as to whether the S800/820/830 printers clog less than the S900/9000 - I haven't seen any comments on the subject.

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Well if you want directly from the card we got slightly better results from the epson 925 in the store off canon G2 camera than we did off the canon 830D although the prints both looked identically good 6 inches away from each other but when we brought them together you could see the differences in contrast and sharpness. I think its nice that the epson supports exif 2.2 out of the box. It really does a great job with it. I'm glad we are finally getting an industry standard out there for some kind of print image matching software.
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