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When using my Epson 1280 with heavyweight matte set on 1440dpi, I still notice a very minute banding pattern on the left side of the print. I've tried aligning my printer heads numerous times and I seem to make the banding (even it ever so slighty) worse. This is not a huge problem. In fact, it is so subtle that most of my professional colleagues don't notice it until I point it out. I didn't know if this is just the very best I can get out of this printer. At this point, from the advice I've been given, it seems as though I've really defied expectations with the results I can get.

It's just that I'm a little disturbed by the banding being more prominent on JUST the left.

I am just genuinely picky. Even so, I think I can attain better results if I get the correct workflow/fine-tune my equipment just so.

Other than that, the prints are sharp, saturated, match my monitor profile quite closely (I don't have a calibration device), and have plenty of contrast.

Has anyone had a similar problem or know of any possible solutions?

Thank you.

If interested, I can mail you an example.
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You could try:
  • Turning off (or on) the bi-directional printing option in the driver. Its called 'High Speed' on my driver settings (on the advanced settings). [/*]
  • Give the head shaft guide a drop or two of oil (JUST a drop or two, no more). See here http://epsonhelp.freehttp.com/glide.html [/*]
  • I've not seen inside one of those printers, but there may be a head position sensor which reads a sensor strip - normally at the top/back of the printhead - it's a plastic strip with fine black lines on it. Dust/ink on that can affect the print quality. A quick clean can sometimes work wonders; but do it carefully - its fragile and only held on a couple of spring-loaded clips.[/*]
The only other thing I can think that would cause that would be the shaft guides height being off at one end; but although that's reasonably easy to check and fix, you need a height guide to be able to do it properly.. is it still under warranty? :-)
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I have the 'high speed' setting turned off. I know that causes quality issues for a lot of people who don't know to customize the printer settings.

My other concern was that I got better results a couple of months ago than I do now.

I am experimenting with the paper thickness adjustment. Could that have anything to do with it? The guide that came with the paper doesn't say to adjust for the thickness.

I'll have to check into whether mine has a similar type of sensor strip as you described.

Also, does anyone have any tips for cleaning print heads on a 1280? How does one even fit a cloth under the heads, it's such a tiny space?

Thanks again.
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