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arklab wrote:
I would suggest the UK Canon iP4000. It's only $170 from Expansys-USA (including plug adaptor) and $5 shipping. Very fast at printing a CD/DVD (under1 min. vs about 5 min. for Epson). Excellent customer service, too.

Great results and very quick dry. Canon ink is dye based and sinks into the printable CD surface. Epson (and the large Canon text black) are pigment based, so they sit up above the surface of the printable CD - and therefore take longer drying time. And this is in addition to the print time.

At under $200 you should give it a try. If it doesn't work , return it to expansys-usa (although expectup to a 25restocking fee if not defective.)
The Epson R200 is a dye ink printer,not pigment ink.Your comments could apply to the R800.
I have no problems with drying time on my R200,but this does depend on the media ,my "no name" media performs better than some named brands.This applies to the original epson inks and to the CIF system inks I use.
I have just timed a print cycle on my R200 printing a 300dpi photo (jpg) covering the whole CD,the time taken to go through the pre print routine was 18 seconds,followed by the printing that took 1 minute 50 seconds.I am suprised that Your Canon is that fast,quite a difference if you are printing a batch.
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How much faster is the printing time when comparing the Canon ip4000 to the Epson r800? I will probably be printing color labels on about 10 cd's a day on average... maybe less, maybe more. The logo that will be printed on the discs will be pretty simple, with maybe 3 or 4 colors at the most... The important thing for me is that they discs look professionally done. If drying time is an issue, i don't have a problem letting a CD/DVD dry for 12-24 hours... i DO have a problem if after that drying period it still smudges or rubs off and my customer recieves a shady product.

As someone else mentioned an autoloader would be very nice, but at this point, unaffordable.

I really appreciate all the feedback i have gotten from the members of this forum. I'ts refreshing to deal on a forum where you aren't bombarded by slews of third graders using horrible grammar and "leet speak" like i have experienced in the past

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