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Default Epson 820, 825 & 925 on a Mac

Hi all,

Like many of you I am in the process of deciding on which Photo Inkjet I should purchase. I am looking to produce halfway decent photo prints at a resonable cost (Model 820 for $100, 825, for $150 & the 925 for $200). I have read many reviews and seem very impressed with the Epson printers in comaprison to the Cannon's & HP's. Does anybody have any feedback on this?

However, I have also read that the lack of Mac drivers has hampered the usability experience. I am running Mac OS 10.2 using Photoshop 7.0. Has anybody had any good or bad experiences with this configuration?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated......

Nick :-)
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I'm in the same boat. Running OS 10.2 and need a good photo printer. I'm considering the Epson 825 or 925 because I just bought an Olympus digital camera and there's a $75 rebate on both of these models. Any advice?

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Default Epsons and macs

I am also in the search but i am waiting for my Epson 2200 to arrive. I have been using an Epson 875, but it doesn't seem to like OS 10.2 very much. I bought the Canon S9000, but could not get a good color match. i don't know if it is a 10.2 issue, but I have had nothing but problems since installing 10.2 when it comes to photo printing. the Canon printed but the colors were dull and washed out. I am hoping that the Epson likes OS 10 more, although they still haven't produced the drivers needed for borderless printing. have you read about the Epson 960? It is supposed to be like the 2200 but without the larger carriage.
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Okay this is the feedback I got from customers who are in teh same boat and bought the printer.

Two customers bought the 925. The printer will print and the card will work for transfering files to teh comptuer and back. THe problem lies in when you try to use the borderless feature or the roll feature. For some reason it does'nt work yet. The method my customers have been doing has been transfering the files they want to print onto the card then printing from thier mem card. I have confirmation from epson that they are workign to correct this problem. Like I said the printer prints all your basica stuff no problem its just the boderless feature that is'nt working off the computer. I have done some spectacular prints with this printer on 4x6,5x7,8x10,letter.

The hard part is that they are literally making and entirely new driver for the new OS. I'm sure they will have a new driver fix for it by spring.
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