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I'm trying to decide on a printer...I need to print sharp color graphics and text as well as photos...Is there a printer that will do all this? So far I think the Epson R800 is a good choice....I'm lloking for quality rather than economy of the print wether it be photos, color graphics, or text....Thanks
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I use the Epson 1280 and it is great for photographs or text etc. The ink is costly so I still use my 1120C HP for text and anything other then Photographs because the inks are cheap and last a very long time. Even though the1280 will do great text printing, it is better to just get a cheap HP printer for the text stuff.

If there are picturesor graphics in my text I use the 1280.

Letters and jokes ETC. from the E-Mail I use the HP
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Ip5000, Ip8500, Epson R800, Epson 1280

From what I know and have read, the Pixmas do a better overall job unless you will do a lot of photo printing on rough, very matt paper, and can put up with clogs.

The iP8500 should be chosen by those who use a printer only for photos.

The iP5000 is great for those who have both general printing and print photos on Canon Photo Paper Pro. (That is the only time it uses its 1pl printhead - for any other media it uses 2pl)

The iP4000 is exactly the same as the 5000, except "only" 2pl printing and it alsowill takea parallel print cable if you have an older computer. It costs less, too. (Yea, thats what I got. )

If you would like a Pixma, live in the US, and would like/need to print directly on printable CD/DVD's, order a UK version from Expansys-USA. I had great results from them.

PS: Steve did a really good review of the iP4000 here:


... although it was a US version without the CD print thing.
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I have a iP5000 USA Version, I print primarily on Epson Heavy Mat & Staples Satin. So far no clogging issues

You can adjust Printer Preferences to get 9600 X 2400 DPI on Mat (on any paper) by selecting Media Type` = Photo Paper Pro, Print Quality= Custom-Quality = 1.

I have excellent results using Mat or Satin paper with:

Media Type=Mat Paper, Print Quality=Custom-Quality=2,

Color Adj=Custom-Intensity=+5 or +10(depending on photo), Print Type=Photo, Brightness=Normal, ICM=Unchecked.

Effects being Vivid Photo, Photo Optimized/Throughout

Colors Pop-But not too much. I have not had to adjust individual color settings as of yet.

I am also getting great Black & Whites using these settings & checking the GreayScale Box.

I do not print from Easy Photo (it seems to substitute it's own print driver and negates any custom settings I make), I usually print from ThumbsPlus, PhotoShop Elementsor ACDSee, the latter lets me resample my photos for enhanced DPI prints.

Frankly my iP5000 prints to my eye, better than my i960. I have to tweak my 960 quite a bit to get similar results on same paper. Yet the i960 does print faster.
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