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Oh, my word. :X

I received the replacement printhead (this is the second round of new printheads), and installed it. And printed the printhead alignment test sheet. And for the second time the colors print with white bars. I printed from CorelDRAW... more white bars.

I am blown away. :angry:

Has anyone experienced this and found a solution?...

Long story short: the colors print with white bars. (See my original post here: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=40

I'm pretty frustrated. Sigh. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

:-( Caren M.

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Here an idea of what I'm seeing... (Two pics stitched together)

This is the 2nd OEM printhead.. is this a sign of being defective?... Or, are the gold pins on my printer not working?.. I've cleaned the pins.. they are all uniformly angled.

Any suggestions?... Could this be another defective printhead?

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Old Feb 26, 2005, 11:05 AM   #3
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Is it missing in the same places it was before?
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Old Feb 26, 2005, 11:14 AM   #4
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The first printhead prints black much better.

This second one prints black a little wavy.

Sigh. I'm in a ponderance over whether these are both defective, or if something is up with the printer itself.

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Old Apr 21, 2005, 6:50 AM   #5
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I get the same thing on mine whenever I do an alignment. I have to decide 'is this bar full of white bars more distinct than the previous or next bar with white bars'. Takes three alignments usually to get it perfect after I change something, without the white bars ever going away.

As if in consolation for the pain, the printer is printing perfect color photos in 8x10. Go figure.

The one issue I have had, is ink drying in the head. At one point I had huge blobs hit the photo I was printing, without any indication there was a problem.

The ink was actually dried onto the surrounding head, and not on the applicator area, and I guess, when it hit the paper, or a certain amount built up, it caught and blobbed. I took the head out, wiped everything down, cleaned around all the areas I could see with dried ink, cleaned out the actual printing 'orifices' as best I could and printed some 8x10's. Haven't had a problem after three hours.

I print a lot all at once, and then the printer sits for a fair while, so user(moron) maintenance is problably the issue I'm having. This also remedied 99% of the issues I have had with the printer printing vertical BLACK stripes during printing. Still haven't narrowed down if this is a print head issue, or a roller issue, but I keep swabbing things down.

I realize this didn't pertain totally to your new printhead issues, but I would guess that this printer just has issues with printing the alignment page, and if not _perfectly_ aligned, the cranky thing will put those white bars into the actual documents you print too. Maybe I don't notice it because I don't print web pages or documents with graphics, but I think I'll try that and see if I get blank white lines in my normal paper printouts.

Also, the paper quality/type affects printing quality a lot, especially on photos on this printer. I get really bad printouts using generic paper (a lot of lines and bars), or crappy looking photots (using paper that 'says' high gloss, but obviously comes out horrible compared to Kodak paper). I believe there is a couple posts made by folks here regarding the paper (the one about the lawnmower affect summed it up nice), and some about roller leavings on the paper.

Good luck with it. It prints great....when it prints great.


PS, I had a thought, so I edited. How old is the printer? I notice my desk banging to and fro like a sailboat when I print. Is it possible my printer, and possibly your own, are getting the stuffing kicked out of them after printing for a time, and the parts are starting to wear from it? Mine doesn't suffer as much, because my sheet metal desk actually sways during printing in rythm with the printer, but when it sits on a solid table, it actually jars itself. Could they be 'self destructing' during printing, in a slow manner? That would explain some of my odd paper misalignments.

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Thank you for the info.. Although it turned out to be lack of use on my part, the seller of the printheads offered to repair the printer for free (since I bought two printheads total). That worked out cool. After shipping the printer to him and he back to me, it works great.. He said it was something about the mainboard needing to be replaced. Whatever.. it works.. :-)

I have a reminder set up in Outlook/email to remind me to print something once per week. :-)

I know what you mean by the shaking. We just moved into town about six months ago, and the last remaining pile of boxes is at our computer area. The printer, by itself, sits atop four boxes. :-) When I print, it sways a little. Even the printer cart it was on before we moved.. it would shake a bit, too...

But, to answer your question.. No, I don't think the shaking (in general) bothers the printer. I'm certain it's built to withstand a level of shaking. (Granted, you don't want to pick up the printer and shake it. :-) ).

I think the moral of our stories is: Print something once a week. :-)

Good luck!
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