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Another feature that fails to get mentioned here is the paper path. At one time in my past I had a job repairing HP printers and I have never owned one because of that, but that's another story. The paper path on an HP takes a 180 degree turn. If you are using heavy stock this will cause problems. The Epson and Canon (and every other brand) use a rear feeder which although not straight is much less than the 180 turn in the HP.

All Epson and some Canon's can also make use of aftermarket ink as stated above. I have tried many and found PrintRite to be good and very economical. Check out www.007ink.com for prices on inks cartridges. HP cartridges can be refilled, but only a few times since the printhead will eventually erode enough so that it will no longer print. This is true for canon also. Refilling is a messy job at best. I wouldn't recommend it unless as punishment for convicted murderers!

Stick with either Epson or Canon. And if you want to get a digital camera, buy an Olympus and an Epson and get the $75 rebate.
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The paper path issue with HP has been resolved in the newer models. I have the HP 970 and HP 5550 and print card stock 85lb paper to both printers. jbailey thanks for the link to your cartridge source.
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The printers still jam. 85lb paper is'nt so much what does it. IF you've ever used HP photo paper in the new models you'd see that it jams or takes more than one sheet a lot. I haven't seen it nearly as much with the latest models of the 5550 and 7350. But it still happens especially if you have any plain paper under the photo paper. On the old photosmart series it happened alot especially when using the the 4x6 tray.
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