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Hi everyone, after more than 5 years of mulling over the whole digital darkroom thing, I've finally decided to take the plunge. I am die hard fan of doing my own darkroom work, but this is a hobby only and I am finding it hard to get the time to spend in the darkroom. So, I am looking to buy a printer to try it out, this is more or less what I am after:

-quality is a MUST --willing to spend more for this (although not crazy amounts)

-will not use the printer every day --my work sometimes keeps me travelling, so I cannot deal with clogged heads and other issues I've read about

-I do both colour and B&W --if push comes to shove, I will buy two separate printers, since I adore well made B&W pictures, although a shoot a fair bit of colour

I've done some research, I see the basics differences between Epson & Canon. Based on the clogged head problems reported for Epson, I would choose the Canon, however, it seems Epson is better at B&W. Speed is not an issue for me, but variety of paper supplies and quality are.

This is strictly for personal use, so not looking to spend more than $450. Some of the threads I've read here suggest that you can get quality at lower prices --this is key, b/c since I know little on the subject, I am more inclined to say price is a signal for quality...henceI run the risk of overspending.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Victor

Maybe you haven't noticed, but most of the problems posted on this forum have to do with separate ink tank printers. Contrary to the manufacturers blurb, they crap themselves because they are too finely "tuned" and suffer from over-precision. which means more control problems with multiple heads needing very little change to upsrt them ( too many working parts)

As an ink manufacturer I see this problem a lot. and even I have to have several different printers to use as test beds. The one that gives me the least amount of trouble is the Lexmark I have 3 different ones and they are the most reliable. I re-fill the cartridges many times which makes them very cosy effective. The Lexmark X83 is my main quality tester.

Cheers Bob
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Hi Victor

I would like to give you my 2cents. I have had canon, hp, and lexmark. I have refield my printers from the start....canon is the easiest and the most cost effective. hp are arder to refiel, but it can be done. as for a lexmark, i would not take them even if they were free....they are junk, clog if not used daily....

hp, are harder to refield but are limited to paper thickness because you have to make a u-turn when printing. (you have the tri-color cartriges which will cost you more and are harder to refield, and get it right.)

but don't take my work for it, go to a best buy and get to know some one there and ask them which printer is returned the most for not working, and other problems: i think you will find that lexmark is the big winner.

but you can make your own mind up.....as i said just my 2 ecnts. ( but have owned canon from the bjc 600, 620, 4400, 5000, and currently i850. and i have revielde from the start.

gean :?

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Wonder have you tried Steves printer reviews on this site, just click on 'Steves Digicams above' on the left hand side here, also try photo-i and view the pictures done with various printers.
The prices of genuine cartridges for Lexmark, HP and pson are not cheap, Canon cartridges are separate and much cheaper -don't take my word do a search and I'm sure you will agree.
The Canon ip4000 & 5000 although a four colour printer has five tanks! It has two blacks the larger one being a pigmant black for text and a dye for photo's. If you search various post's on these pages and others', you ought to find that you will be hard pushed to tell the differance between one on these and a true six colour printer, also you will read that six colour printers tend to use the extra colour tanks more quicker than the usual colours

If you want the ultimate then I guess you are looking at more expensive printers, perhaps with eight coloured tanks or so which is about two or three times more costly than say an ip4000 for example, the normal 'run of the mill photos' then I would imagine a four colour (inc. black) would easily suffice.

At least Canons are not 'chipped' and are easily refillable and have clear tanks so you can actually see the ink.

Hope the comments help.
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